Project 944: All About That Plaid, ‘Bout That Plaid

With just a windshield and some final mechanical bits to sort out, i think we can finally say that Project944 is almost done. While no means perfect, i think we’ve done a pretty good job rescuing this Porsche from the scrap heap it came from.

In the mean time, here are some pictures of our newly refreshed interior. I still need to get my new leather shifter surround in though.

To refresh your memories, here’s before…
 photo DSC05421.jpg

 photo DSC05432.jpg

And after…
 photo P1080511.jpg

 photo P1080521.jpg

 photo P1080525.jpg

 photo P1080527.jpg

Adding small finishing touches.

 photo P1080507.jpg

It’s been a very very painful journey and hopefully, someone out there will appreciate the work that’s been put in.

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