Project 944: Inner Workings

It’s been a couple of weeks since Project 944’s back on the road and i’m happy to report, she still smells of burnt oil and exhaust gases and she still pops herself out of second gear every now and then.

 photo P1080374.jpg

I did manage to bring the car out for breakfast with a couple of friends over a weekend which was nice. Pretty cool to see the 944 parked side by side with the Mazda FC3S. A car which everyone (like everyone) always compares the 944 with from a visual standpoint.

 photo P1080393.jpg

While their basic silhouettes might share some similarities, when you look at these two cars next to each other, you start to notice plenty of differences in the design. More than enough differences to avoid lawsuits i guess.

 photo P1080381.jpg

So what else has Project944 been up to? Well, the day after this breakfast, she was sent straight to the upholstery shop for a new interior retrim and a ton more cash has been thrown at the her in the form of a brand new windscreen directly shipped (overnight) from the UK as well as a new radiator fan from good ‘ol US of A.

Hopefully the windscreen install goes well because it cost a pretty penny getting it shipped over.

If you are curious about what the interior will look like, here’s a sneak peek.

 photo DSC_1579.jpg

 photo DSC_1582.jpg

I hope it’s not too bling for you.

 photo KeyCar.jpg

I also found the perfect keychain for the car (and from henceforth, i christen Project944 “Victoria’s Secret”) and a session with the groomers was arranged just before the heavens poured (typical).

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