Tokyo Toy-Otaku 2017: Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway, one of those places i’ve read about and always found fascinating but somehow, have never ventured into, even after repeated trips to Tokyo. Mostly because Nakano is situated slightly away from the main stretch of my usual haunts and because i always shuffle my shopping trips towards the tail end of my holidays, just the thought of travelling up and down was enough to discourage me from heading over and i would visit the more accessible Akiba instead.

This year though, things were going to be different, i was determined and no one was going to stop me! Okay, if i’m to be really honest with you guys, i almost skipped Nakano again, it was my last day in town and i had to lug my big ass suitcase all the way from Ebisu to Nakano. (And then to the airport in the evening!)

Though the journey on the public train with my suitcase was almost painful, i made it to Nakano station fully intact. One thoughtful bit about being in Tokyo is the availability of lockers to store your bulky items while you shop around which of course, was a welcome relief. Don’t worry if the lockers right outside the station are taken, there are a couple more scattered around the area. I found one that was big enough for my suitcase right around the corner of a KFC joint.

 photo P1060525.jpg

With my suitcase stored, it was time to head into the shopping arcade, you won’t miss it. Pretty much everyone getting out of the station is heading there, make it through the numerous restaurants and walk all the way in. Nakano Broadway is right at the end of the shopping arcade.

 photo P1060533.jpg

Skip the lower levels (boring!) and head up!

 photo P1060531.jpg

I know it’s been said many times before by many people, but this really is Otaku paradise. Not just a paradise for the anime Otaku but really, a haven for pretty much all sorts of geek culture. It was just a wonderful randomness for all the Otakus in us. It was totally more than worth the journey.

 photo P1060527.jpg

 photo P1060529.jpg

Excuse me while i spam your browsers with geeky images. For some reason, that green monster up there makes me think Futurama.

 photo P1060535.jpg

 photo P1060538.jpg

I think it’s safe to say, that whatever sub-culture you are geeking into, you would probably find something to fancy in this building.

 photo P1060543.jpg

 photo P1060541.jpg

Like little trains? Sure, have a look!

 photo P1060585.jpg

 photo P1060584.jpg

 photo P1060583.jpg

 photo P1060581.jpg

Prefer real life densha memorabilia? There’s a shop dedicated to that too!

 photo P1060547.jpg

 photo P1060545.jpg

Enka fan? Knock yourself out!

 photo P1060551.jpg

 photo P1060555.jpg

 photo DSC_0035_3.jpg

 photo P1060602.jpg

Where does one start right?

 photo DSC_0036_3.jpg

There was also a shop for old movie posters. Sadly, like most shops here, they don’t take credit card. Cash only!

 photo DSC_0015_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0013_4.jpg

I found a shop selling old literature and picked up an old copy of Car Graphic with the Alfa GTV on the cover. It was extremely cheap, i wish i grabbed more but having already bought numerous other magazines at T-site earlier, my luggage was getting really heavy.

 photo DSC_0007_3.jpg

 photo DSC_0003_3.jpg

Toys on the other hand are rather lightweight, so i picked up a couple of Mikus! I found the prices somewhat reasonable and Mandarake, the anchor tenant of this building, accepts plastic. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

 photo P1060659.jpg

 photo P1060662.jpg

 photo DSC_0030_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0033_5.jpg

For all the Auto-Otakus, yes, there are a few shops catering to your needs but if you are looking for a very specific car model, i think Tam Tam at Akihabara might have a better selection.

 photo P1060663.jpg

 photo P1060664.jpg

 photo P1060665.jpg

 photo P1060672.jpg

If you happen to be just looking around or are happy to browse the randomness here, then yes, it’s great fun!

 photo P1060668.jpg

I like this.

 photo DSC_0040_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0024_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0025_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0026_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0029_3.jpg

Unlike the shops in Akiba, there are bargains to be had here. Check out the prices of those old Nostalgic Hero magazines. Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

 photo DSC_0032_4.jpg

 photo DSC_0033_5.jpg

 photo P1060706.jpg

 photo P1060707.jpg

 photo P1060700.jpg

Crazy, just crazy.

 photo P1060557.jpg

This shop is dedicated to vintage model kits.

 photo P1060564.jpg

 photo P1060567.jpg

 photo P1060566.jpg

 photo P1060568.jpg

Like a kid in a candy store.

 photo P1060572.jpg

 photo P1060573.jpg

Retro Circuit Wolf kits. Check out the artwork!

 photo P1060709.jpg

Speaking of artwork.

 photo P1060591.jpg

There was also an automotive-themed cafe.

 photo P1060589.jpg

Another Auto-Otaku store but sadly it was closed.

 photo P1060730.jpg

 photo P1060722.jpg

 photo P1060681.jpg

 photo P1060687.jpg

 photo P1060682.jpg

 photo P1060685.jpg

 photo P1060692.jpg

 photo P1060693.jpg

 photo P1060694.jpg

More random geekiness for your viewing pleasure.

 photo P1060727.jpg

Of course, not everything here has a bargain basement price tag. There are some collectibles here that are worth big money.

 photo P1060737.jpg

How i look when i see big price tags.

 photo P1060574.jpg

 photo P1060576.jpg

If you prefer playing dress-up instead of collecting. The sign says “Men’s sizes available”.

 photo P1060655.jpg

Nakano Broadway also plays host to a number of art exhibitions, on the day i visited, there was a Snow Miku exhibit!

 photo P1060603.jpg

 photo P1060605.jpg

Yes, photos are allowed!!! (Unlike most places in Akihabara)

 photo P1060607.jpg

 photo P1060609.jpg

 photo P1060620.jpg

 photo P1060626.jpg

 photo P1060632.jpg

 photo P1060637.jpg

 photo P1060640.jpg

 photo P1060649.jpg

Signed by the contributors/artists.

 photo 1060750.jpg

There is also a beautiful cafe opened by the same person who runs the exhibition space. Would you like to make a guess who that person is?

 photo P1060598.jpg

 photo 1060751.jpg

I’m sure the artwork on the walls are a dead giveaway, yes, it’s by Takashi Murakami. Yes, THAT Takashi Murakami.

 photo P1060741.jpg

For fans of anime, there are also shops selling original Cels. Prices of course correspond to how popular the source material is.

 photo P1060743.jpg

 photo P1060746.jpg

Overly attached girlfriend.

 photo P1060717.jpg

Anime sure has come a long way.

 photo DSC_0020_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0021_2.jpg

For fans of all anime sub-cultures i guess.

 photo P1060588.jpg

Hey look, it’s THAT indoor swimming pool!

 photo DSC_0010_3.jpg

 photo DSC_0012_2.jpg

Some interesting items inside. VR!

 photo DSC_0037_2.jpg

Dodgy crane machine.

 photo P1060712.jpg

There’s also a mini arcade playing some older games.

 photo P1060710.jpg

Finishing off, here’s some old school J-rock memorabilia. I think by now you would probably have a rough idea of what to expect in Nakano Broadway so i’ll leave you with just some tips.

Bring lots of cash, give yourself plenty of time to shop around and as always, have fun!


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