Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Oddballs & everything else

As we come to our very last automotive feature for the Tokyo Auto Salon, it’s time to checkout cars which i think are rather interesting but i guess, don’t really fit anywhere else. Ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you, the cool and quirky machines from TAS!

 photo P1020520.jpg

First up, a rather interesting choice of showcase vehicle at Work wheel’s booth. I wonder if this is the first time a Triumph made it into the halls of the Tokyo Auto Salon?

 photo P1020513.jpg

 photo P1020518.jpg

Built to showcase Work’s reissue of various vintage wheels, this particular TR3A has of course, in TAS-style, had it’s arches gently massaged to fit those fat shoes.

 photo P1020505.jpg

 photo P1020514.jpg

Looks pretty cool don’t you think? It was attracting quite a lot of attention too!

 photo P1050106.jpg

 photo P1050114.jpg

This Copen Shooting Brake from KLC/Spiegel was one of my favourite cars from a previous TAS, but this year, it has evolved with the times into a (you know it) widebody look. Seems to work rather well.

 photo P1050119.jpg

 photo P1050123.jpg

Also from Spiegel was this very well done Alto Works. Did up in very similar style to Daihatsu’s very own RS concept, but with an even more aggressive stance. Looks like some kind of mini kei-car touring car.

 photo P1060301.jpg

 photo P1060316.jpg

Since we are on Kei-cars, how about this Fiat 500 inspired Mira? I think it’s fab!

 photo P1030123.jpg

Daihatsu had some fun presentations.

 photo P1030201.jpg

 photo P1030206.jpg

These jacked up Prius’ sure give a new meaning to “Eco warrior”.

 photo P1040223.jpg

Great looking F-Pace at Toyo Tire’s booth.

 photo P1030393.jpg

Students from the various automotive related schools always bring something interesting and fun to the show. Like this Charger Daytona lookalike built on a Soarer chassis.

 photo P1030394.jpg

But the real kicker was this downsized G-wagen 6×6.

 photo P1030397.jpg

Built from an old Suzuki Jimny? What an imagination! Loved it.

 photo P1200417.jpg

Another fantastic student build? This Starion which was given its very own Speedhunters feature. Looks superb.

 photo P1200418.jpg

Kinda Gundam-ish don’t you think?

 photo P1200421.jpg

Whilst not a fully polished build, you really have to admire the amount of work that went into it. And by students no less.

 photo P1050348.jpg

Another Jimny. Race/Drift spec.

 photo P1040998.jpg

 photo P1050002.jpg

I really like the Campervan inspired Hiace. Very nice modern take on the idea.

 photo P1030128.jpg

GT500 Fastback Eleanor replica was strangely used to promote Fast and Furious. Wrong movie guys.

 photo P1060293.jpg

This is more like it.

 photo P1020636.jpg

Not a big fan of shooting chrome cars but it’s cool to see tuners take on Teslas. Perhaps we will start seeing more of these hopped up electrics in future events.

 photo P1020609.jpg


 photo P1020884.jpg

Growing popularity of these modern muscle cars have meant more aftermarket options are now available.

 photo P1040924.jpg

 photo P1020948.jpg

Edge customs had some pretty badass Mustangs on show.

 photo P1020972.jpg

 photo P1020977.jpg

Great looking! With that, our automotive features for this year’s TAS have come to an end, next up, time for some omiyage hunting! Stay tuned!


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