Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Liberty ★ Walk

As we come towards the tail end of our 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage, it’s time to feature one of the hottest names in the aftermarket industry today. Of course, we are talking about Liberty Walk! While widebody conversions are by no means a new thing even before they came on the scene, i think it’s fair to say that Liberty Walk’s insane exotic builds and extremely charismatic and passionate founder have played a key role in powering this style of aesthetics onto mainstream audiences Worldwide. Heck, just a week ago, they were at the Geneva Motor Show. I think they are probably the first Japanese tuners to do so!

Back on their home turf, they brought along a lovely selection of cars to showcase at their fantastic booth.

 photo P1020647.jpg

Speaking of which, LB had a pretty crazy space at the Auto Salon with a full DJ deck setup rocking tunes throughout the day.

 photo P1020654.jpg

This giant scale model (with an equally giant price tag) was sold later in the day.

 photo P1020639.jpg

 photo P1020641.jpg

First up, this gorgeous Mclaren 650S. Given the full widebody treatment and stanced low to the ground. It takes quite a lot of guts to take a knife to exotics but Kato-san does not hold back, the end results often speak for themselves though and i think the Liberty Walk look on this 650S works fantastically well, especially with the Harrods-esque Mclaren F1 tribute paint scheme.

 photo P1020352.jpg

 photo P1020659.jpg

 photo P1020663.jpg

This 650S was one of the cars that made it up to Geneva Switzerland and believe or not, the designers from Mclaren were actually on site happily taking pictures of Kato-san’s creation, much to his delight of course.

 photo P1020343.jpg

The other car that was flown over? Their latest build, a brand-spanking-new Ferrari 488GTB. It was hidden away on the first day i attended, so i HAD to make a return trip.

 photo P1040898.jpg

Here it is in all its glory.

 photo P1040890.jpg

 photo P1040895.jpg

Love it or hate it, it provokes a reaction, much like art.

 photo P1040901.jpg

 photo P1040903.jpg

 photo P1040904.jpg

Imagine indeed.

 photo P1020354.jpg

 photo P1020645.jpg

Another Ferrari build, this time an F430.

 photo P1020347.jpg

Not all cars at LB’s booth were exotics though as Kato-san usually brings one or two nostalgic Japanese cars to the event. Highlight for this year was a rather off-beat RX3, given a more traditional Shakotan-style look. Don’t forget your roots!

 photo P1020652.jpg

 photo P1020648.jpg

Shakotan boogie!

 photo P1020341.jpg

 photo P1020334.jpg

 photo P1020331.jpg

Kato’s personal Fairlady was on show too. This time rocking Airrex’s digital air suspension. It looked fantastic.

 photo P1020638.jpg

Of course you can’t forget the cars that LB Performance are most famous for, Lamborghini.

 photo P1020616.jpg

This Huracan was quick to get some LB Performance!

 photo P1020575.jpg

 photo P1020580.jpg

Liberty Walk cars were also seen at other locations dotted around the event halls, like this pair of blue beauties over at Azzure-Motoring’s booth.

 photo P1020611.jpg

Surrounding the main booth were also a selection of Liberty Walk cars. Even this Audi was rocking some LB flavour!

 photo P1020625.jpg

 photo P1020624.jpg

The one that caught my eye though was this badass Mercedes C63 Coupe, also rocking Airrex’s digital air suspension setup.

 photo P1020621.jpg

How low can you go?

 photo P1020630.jpg

 photo P1020631.jpg

 photo P1020632.jpg

 photo P1020634.jpg


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