Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Studio Allica & The Porsches of TAS

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, there were a few favourite Auto Salon cars that have etched themselves into the deeper regions of my brain and quite possibly, heart. But if i really really really had to pick just one, this would be it. Studio Allica’s custom Porsche 930.

 photo P1050461.jpg

This thing just had character oozing out of every vent and crevice, of which there were many.

 photo P1050459.jpg

According to the very enthusiastic and very friendly chaps from Studio Allica, this old aircooled has a full custom carbon monocoque chassis with numerous panels crafted out of the same material.

 photo P1050465.jpg

For those who read Japanese, here’s the spec sheet.

 photo P1050468.jpg

 photo P1050479.jpg

 photo P1050470.jpg

 photo P1050472.jpg

 photo P1050473.jpg

All that work has meant weight have been shaved down to around 1000kgs and at maximum attack, the custom aero produces around 100kg of downforce and looking absolutely badass at the same time.

 photo P1050495.jpg

I tried to get in as many shots as i could but this car was attracting a lot of attention throughout the day.

 photo P1050490.jpg

 photo P1050486.jpg

Rightly so too don’t you think? I mean, just look at it.

 photo P1050500.jpg

And then, the happy staff at the booth kindly opened everything up and you should see how many more people started gathering around this car when that happened. Gullwing doors, clamshell bonnet. This 930 is crazy and everyone looking at the car just had the biggest smiles all around.

 photo P1050502.jpg

Clamshell Clamshell Clamshell…. omi omi omi…

 photo P1050518.jpg

I loved how everything was exposed with the (full carbon of course) clamshell lifted.

 photo P1050505.jpg

Of course, the kids loved it.

 photo P1050511.jpg

It doesn’t get any cooler than this right?

 photo P1050527.jpg

 photo P1050520.jpg

 photo P1050525.jpg

 photo P1050493.jpg

There were just so many little details to take in.

 photo P1050523.jpg

Power? I didn’t manage to find out. Sorry…

 photo P1050529.jpg

Inside, it’s all business. The best part? This car is street legal! (Only in Japan i guess!)

 photo P1050934.jpg

Moving on, while not exactly an old Porsche, tuners “Old & New” have effectively created a Slantnose tribute out of a modern 997. Inspired by the disco 80s era original “Flachbaus”, Old & New have incorporated numerous design cues of the original cars and, in my opinion, have blended them very well with the lines of Porsches latest cars.

 photo P1050936.jpg

Even the lights were recessed into the front bumper. Did you know the original Flachbaus did NOT have pop-up headlamps? Pop-ups were only added in after an initial build run, the early cars had lights in the bumpers too. This new one has modern-day daytime LEDs slotted on top of the main beams.

 photo P1050937.jpg

Big Rotiforms work well on this car, probably better than the distracting wrap.

 photo P1050930.jpg

If you thought the kit looks really well put together, well, you’d have a certain Kei-Miura-san to thank. Yup, Mr Rocket Bunny himself was involved in this project. Doesn’t it look swell! It’s not all show and no go too, this car is now hitting the racetracks of Japan in time trials.

 photo P1050148.jpg

Another Kei-Miura creation, this Rocket Bunny/Tra-Kyoto/Pandem Cayman. The Caymen does take to this widebody look really well don’t you think?

 photo P1050139.jpg

 photo P1050140.jpg

A newer Cayman over at Akrapovic’s booth, showcasing their shiny new exhaust system.

 photo P1030210.jpg

Dixcel had a rather unassuming 911SC on display, it was cordoned off so no one could really get anywhere near it. Looked rather mint though.

 photo P1030217.jpg

A very novel idea for mounting your roof box. No idea why, but then i’m sure there’s a niche need for everything. Maybe whe you need to deliver something from Ikea really quickly.

 photo P1050132.jpg

Gulf Colors always work on 911s. Spot the Idlers sticker!

 photo P1040220.jpg

Like the BMW M2, there were a number of GT3s on display. This one was from S&Company, displayed at Toyo Tire’s booth. Not too sure of the red on red combo.

 photo P1040190.jpg

Big wing at Yokohama’s booth.

 photo P1020891.jpg

But i think the best looking GT3 (RS), was this one. Beautiful white sitting on absolutely gorgeous Pokal Custom Felgen wheels once again. Those wheels are just stunning don’t you think?

 photo P1020888.jpg

 photo P1020900.jpg

Best looking wheels manufacturer of the Tokyo Auto Salon? I sure think so!


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