Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: The Euro Exposition Part 2

In our last post, we showcased a variety of Import automobiles found on the show floor. Today, we continue with our feature on Imports but i think it’s time to up the ante just a little. It’s time to go high-end. Ladies and gentlemen, here are some of the big monied builds of the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon.

 photo P1020546.jpg

Go big or go home! I guess that’s one of the philosophies of a certain individual we spotted roaming the halls.

 photo P1040878.jpg

Morohoshi-san had a rather well sized booth too. Gone is the Boom-Craft brand and in its place, Fighting Star! Catchy. The cars though, remain as outlandish and OTT as they can ever be.

 photo P1020537.jpg

 photo P1020539.jpg

Except maybe, this new Huracan, with only a few bits of aero bolted on. I’m guessing its journey into Morohoshi’s family is only in its infancy.

 photo P1020557.jpg

Now we’re talking! One of the most striking cars at Fighting-Star’s booth!

 photo P1020548.jpg

 photo P1020550.jpg

 photo P1040879.jpg

 photo P1040880.jpg

Truth be told, before i watched Luke Huxham’s film on this interesting character, i never understood the cars. I thought they were hideous, but after listening to his backstory and seeing the context in which these car are born, i’ve begun to like them.

 photo P1020556.jpg

Especially when combined with the forces of Liberty Walk!

 photo P1020552.jpg

Just pure madness don’t you think? I love it.

 photo P1040874.jpg

Another huge attention grabber at Fighting Star’s booth was this Gallardo in full GT3 spec! What was grabbing attention though wasn’t the car itself but that those big logos on the bonnet and sides actually light up! Seriously…

 photo P1020605.jpg

Check this out…

 photo P1020607-Lit.gif

How’s that for getting attention down the shopping streets of Orchard Road. Not too sure if the cops will appreciate it as much though.

 photo P1020542.jpg

This might be a little more police friendly. Pikachoooooo~~~ I choose you~~~

 photo P1030319.jpg

And just in case you want even more shiny shiny bits on your Lamborghini and think Fighting Star’s car is not quite bling enough. Check this one out, from Nakagawa Japan.

 photo P1030317.jpg

 photo P1030318.jpg

The owner of Nakagawa was in the back of his booth chatting with his staff, and i kid you not, he was in a full fushia pink suit with matching hair. I guess this car isn’t really for the introvert.

 photo P1030320.jpg

The interior looked rather simple for a car that’s so out-of-this-World shiny.

 photo P1020722.jpg

 photo P1020729.jpg

 photo P1020734.jpg

For those who prefer their Lambos with a little less flash (that sentence didn’t really make any sense right?), there’s Vorsteiner, who’ve brought along a trio of Sant’Agata supercars.

 photo P1020917.jpg

Roberuta also ditched their iconic F40 showcase in favour of a couple of Lamborghinis. Lambos for everyone!

 photo P1030297.jpg

TWS brought along a Hyuara courtesy of Bingo Sports. It was a beauté.

 photo P1030301.jpg

 photo P1030304.jpg

Also at TWS was this lovely F40. Can’t get enough of this car, though i think the wheels didn’t really look quite right if you asked me. The rear really needs some strong levels of dish for it to work.

 photo P1030303.jpg

And yet another Ferrari at TWS. This time an F12 TDF.

 photo P1040184.jpg

Since we’ve moved on to Ferraris, let’s continue with a 488 from World Platinum.

 photo P1020913.jpg

 photo P1020915.jpg

Another 488, this time from SVR (Super Veloce Racing), fitted with a very aggressive looking F1 style front bumper.

 photo P1020893.jpg

Stunning F12 with quite possibly the best looking wheels of the show. At least for me.

 photo P1020897.jpg

Just look at ’em! Pokal Custom Felgens.

 photo P1020903.jpg

Another car on Pokal Custom wheels. Don’t they look amazing.

 photo P1020962.jpg

One of the most striking imports at the show was this R8 from Newing. Looks like it leapt right off the race track!

 photo P1020964.jpg

 photo P1020959.jpg

Badass. This particular car took home a runner up award in the Import category. I’m keeping the winner for another feature. 😛

 photo P1030306.jpg

Nakagawa Japan also brought along a Levante. Wasting no time before slapping on some widebody overfenders. Looks much better now right?

 photo P1030286.jpg

 photo P1020950.jpg

 photo P1030848.jpg

 photo P1030750.jpg

There were also a number of SLS AMGs on display, all in various states of tune. Which do you prefer?

 photo P1030071.jpg

Too much? Ok, let’s move on…

 photo P1050233.jpg

There were some Bentaygas on show as well. It’s really quick how these aftermarket tuners are able to produce parts for cars which have just gone on sale not too long ago.

 photo P1040928.jpg

 photo P1040930.jpg

 photo P1040926.jpg

Fairy Design’s Bentayga. Do you think adding aftermarket bits on the Bentley SUV make it look slightly less premium?

 photo P1020932.jpg

Speaking of premium SUV-ish cars, Tokyo seems to have a pretty fond relationship with the G-Wagens from Mercedes-Benz. I don’t think i can recall seeing more G-wagens roaming City streets anywhere else!

 photo P1020784.jpg

Bond Japan also had a hopped up G-Wagen at their booth and though this looked absolutely sweet and badass, they had another very very interesting machine on show.

 photo P1020760.jpg

No, this ain’t no ordinary Defender…

 photo P1020758.jpg

 photo P1020791.jpg

This, is a Tweaked Automotive Spectre Edition Defender. Inspired by the “baddie” cars from the James Bond (heh) movie of the same name. This is a full custom.

 photo P1020795.jpg

 photo P1020797.jpg

If you looked closely enough, you can see the Spectre plaque.

 photo P1020757.jpg

Want one? That’ll be about SGD$50,000 please, and no, that does not include the price of a Defender, you’ll need to buy that on your own. But then again, since you’re gonna be a Bond baddie, what’s 50 grand to you?

 photo P1050915.jpg

Japan once again showing the World that nothing is too sacred to modify, here’s a couple of Astons from ACR (Alpha Classics Racing) Performance.

 photo P1050916.jpg

Blown off wrap showcasing an engine graphic.

 photo P1050921.jpg

 photo P1050907.jpg

 photo P1050911.jpg

Widebody everything!

 photo P1020718.jpg

No it’s not European but i think it fits this Import feature.

 photo P1030073.jpg

I’m really not a fan of the Forgiato cars.

 photo P1030778.jpg

To help us get over that Forgiato Corvette, here’s some eye candy in the form of a very striking white DB11 over at Yokohama’s booth.

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