Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: The Dawn Of DR

Chances are, if you’re my age (30-ish) or if you were a kid from the 80s, you would have probably come across one of these in miniature toy form during your growing up years. Those iconic Tomica colors, that shape, that… wait for it… Silhouette! (Hah!)

 photo P1060153.jpg

Showcased at Nissan’s booth, this was my first ever encounter with a car which till then, i’ve only ever seen in magazines and looked upon as toys. I remember so many toys of cars from the Super Silhouette racing series back when i was a child. Their crazy cartoonish bodywork was just so out of this World, perfect then for all auto-otaku kids and anyone about to embark into the World of Bosozoku motoring. Don’t you just love race cars from the 80s and 90s? Just so wild.

 photo P1060140.jpg

 photo P1060164.jpg

Campaigned in 1982 and 1983 by Masahiro Hasemi, this fire-breathing DR30 Skyline Super Silhouette chalked up 3 wins in 1982 and 5 wins in 1983.

 photo P1060139.jpg

 photo P1060144.jpg

Race regulations stipulated that competing cars needed to be based on road cars and to retain their stock bonnet, rooflines and doors. Everything else was pretty much up to interpretation. Hence the crazy wild looks the cars in this series ended up sporting. (Which in turn, spawned a whole new JDM automotive sub-culture.)

 photo P1060155.jpg

Inside, it bares totally no resemblance to any road car that i know. This is all business, all old-school business. Power churned out by the Turbocharged 2-litre was around 562bhp and weight was a little over 1000kgs. I’m guessing without the crazy bodywork, it would probably be taking flight!

 photo P1060162.jpg

The Turbine wheels to end all Turbine wheels.

 photo P1050950.jpg

Since we are doing a DR30 feature, i figured it would be right to showcase the cars from DR31 specialist, R31House. This year they brought along two beautiful DR31s, one in an especially tasty wagon form.

 photo P1050947.jpg

Once the Skylines that few wanted (probably because it was one of the Skyline generations to go without a GTR variant), these DR30/DR31s are now very quickly starting to gather interest. Unfortunately, this means current prices have risen considerably as well! The black GTS-R was rebuilt to a beautiful standard.

 photo P1050943.jpg

But the DR31 with the most interest had to be this Wagon! Don’t you just want one right now?

 photo P1050945.jpg

Unlike the black car, this wagon runs NA with a full individual throttle setup. Bet it sounds as good as it looks. With so much interest in nostalgic Japanese cars, even those from the 80s/90s, let’s hope prices won’t one day go beyond the reach of enthusiasts with more modest bank accounts.


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