Cars & Kopi – Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

Taking a short break from our Tokyo coverage, we head over from one carpark to the next! But this time, we’re back home in sunny Singapore and once again it was time for a Cars & Kopi meetup, held during the Lunar New Year period.

 photo P1070055.jpg

The weather was fantastic with a nice cool breeze early in the morning, coupled with light traffic due to the holidays, it made the drive down to our meetup locale very pleasant indeed.

 photo P1070057.jpg

The great weather also meant that turnout was fantastic and once again, the carpark was filled with a lovely mix of cars and many were early!

 photo P1070048.jpg

I don’t see many of these Suzuki Ignis (Swift) Sports left, which is a real shame, they drive really well and are just so much fun to throw around.

 photo P1070063.jpg

 photo P1070079.jpg

 photo P1070064.jpg

 photo P1070070.jpg

A pair of lovely air-cooled Porsches. Which vintage would you prefer? 993 or 964?

 photo P1070106.jpg

I brought along the E88 this time since it was a nice morning for open top motoring.

 photo P1070098.jpg

Parked up next to a Superleggera.

 photo P1070111.jpg

 photo P1070113.jpg

The early birds all got prime parking spots.

 photo P1070292.jpg

Shortly after the Lamborghini left a drop top Z4 parked alongside our “Super cool black car”.

 photo P1070121.jpg

These GC era WRXs are now starting to show up more often and many have been reverted back to a stock or mild tune look.

 photo P1070124.jpg

 photo P1070129.jpg

Lifted Jimny joins the WRX.

 photo P1070130.jpg


 photo P1070136.jpg

 photo P1070142.jpg

 photo P1070139.jpg

Would you prefer a Sedan or Wagon EVO?

 photo P1070146.jpg

964 meets Kujira (Blue whale) Crown. Don’t ask me why it was called the Blue Whale, i have no idea.

 photo P1070148.jpg


 photo P1070151.jpg

E30 sedan. Another car that’s sadly disappearing from our local roads.

 photo P1070089.jpg


 photo P1070096.jpg

Can’t have Cars & Kopi without a Miata/MX-5/Roadster!

 photo P1070085.jpg

Lexus ES was hiding in a corner.

 photo P1070161.jpg


 photo P1070229.jpg

R8 on point for Chinese New Year.

 photo P1070168.jpg

 photo P1070184.jpg

Big boy corner.

 photo P1070181.jpg

 photo P1070196.jpg

Real limited edition. M3 CSL.

 photo P1070221.jpg

This bone stock S15 Silvia might be even rarer though. When was the last time you saw such a clean S15?

 photo P1070202.jpg

Sunny meets Altezza.

 photo P1070238.jpg

 photo P1070171.jpg

Awesome looking Spec-C and V-Spec GTR.

 photo P1070192.jpg

Can’t go wrong with TE37s on a GTR. (Or most other cars for that matter)

 photo P1070188.jpg

I used to lust after these DC5Rs.

 photo P1070266.jpg

Great looking Type-X styled S13. Interesting funky fuzzy seats.

 photo P1070290.jpg

 photo P1070261.jpg

 photo P1070277.jpg

 photo P1070274.jpg

I think we can safely say that this meet went to the cars from the Rising Sun with the Germans close behind.

 photo P1070310.jpg

The awesome turnup made for some nice group shots!

 photo P1070298.jpg

New meets slightly old.

 photo P1070328.jpg

ANOTHER Spec-C turned up. Where do all these hide?

 photo P1070232.jpg

Then this showed up…

 photo P1070302.jpg

Followed by this…

 photo P1070306.jpg

355 and 308… Surely this is what happens when dreams come true…

 photo P1070324.jpg

 photo P1070210.jpg

 photo P1070214.jpg

There were also some really beautiful Alfas to up the Italian sexy-meter.

 photo P1070207.jpg

 photo P1070159.jpg

Small in size, big in character! Thanks to everyone once again for turning up and apologies if i missed anyone’s car out! Till we meet again for the next Cars & Kopi!


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