Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Carpark Capers Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s post where i brought you all along for a walk around the carpark car spotting. Along the way, there were some cars which i thought deserved their own feature and today i shall present them to you.

 photo carpark.jpg

Before we begin, for those who were wondering just how big the parking space was, take a look at the google map image above. The red/pink space is the carpark and the massive halls of Makuhari Messe sit just below it. THAT is how big it is. No, there is no way i was gonna walk the entirety of that expanse. Anyway, let’s go back to our car spotting feature.

 photo P1050703.jpg

For those who saw the opening shot and thought of a particular character in a blockbuster movie, yes, that is Han’s Veilside Fortune FD RX7. It looks like he made it after all…

 photo P1050701.jpg

 photo P1050705.jpg

It might be looking a little worse for where but according to an article by Speedhunters, this might be the actual car used in the filming of said movie.

 photo P1050712.jpg

While we saw some machines that made us go WTF yesterday, some of the automobiles parked up won’t look out of place if they were sitting on the show floor. Like this new new Beetle.

 photo P1050721.jpg

We heard you like wheel arches…

 photo P1050717.jpg

 photo P1050716.jpg

 photo P1050719.jpg

Maybe we will see this Beetle at a Stancenation show soon?

 photo P1050765.jpg

I resisted posting this R32 yesterday because i think it just looks so good it deserves to be a special mention. While it sports a very low down stance and looks impressively clean, a peep inside reveals a car that doesn’t look like anywhere near a show queen.

 photo P1050768.jpg

 photo P1050767.jpg

 photo P1050769.jpg

This car was built to go fast.

 photo P1050780.jpg

This Supra also deserved special mention. Why? I just think it looks cool.

 photo P1050774.jpg

 photo P1050775.jpg

 photo P1050773.jpg

With strangely so few of these left, it’s always nice to see them out and about.

 photo P1050783.jpg

Another look before i continued my walk…

 photo P1050807.jpg

 photo P1050804.jpg

 photo P1050812.jpg

On the topic of cool cars, does anyone else out there like Itashas? No? I don’t care, i love em. Especially when owners go all out like on this 86.

 photo P1050814.jpg

The vibrancy of the wrap is just unbelievable. Almost all the wraps i see locally produced (in Singapore) have this dull, drabby, desaturated look to them. Over in Japan, the colors are just so bright and everything just pops!

 photo P1050816.jpg

 photo P1050815.jpg

It’s all in the little details, like this additional soft toy sitting on the dash. On point!

 photo P1050875.jpg

And speaking of details, Han wasn’t the only “car celebrity” in the carpark. Because even Kitt (Knight Industries Two Thousand!) was present. Even the license plate was stuck on right!

 photo P1050872.jpg

Everything was done, right down to the interior! Check it out!

 photo P1050867.jpg

An oddity was all the Japanese folk around me who were oogling Han’s FD simply walked past Kitt without batting an eyelid. Maybe Knight Rider was as big a thing in Japan back in the day? Or maybe i’m just old.

 photo P1050861.jpg

 photo P1050851.jpg

I shall finish off this quick post with this Mercedes-Benz. A car which i had to do a double take when i walked by. I walked passed this inconspicuous looking W124, stopped in my tracks a couple of steps later and when my mind caught up with what i thought i saw, i backtracked and knew i was looking at something rather special.

 photo P1050852.jpg

It had those slightly flared wheel arches, a set of great looking AMG wheels and it was impeccably maintained. Surely a normal run-of-the-mill W124 wouldn’t be kept in such a pristine condition right? But then again, we were in Tokyo Japan. So i went around and that’s when my suspicions were confirmed, this was no ordinary Mercedes, this was a Porsche Mercedes…

 photo P1050856.jpg

A 500. From a time before AMGs came under the ownership of Mercedes-Benz, a time that when Mercedes wanted to sell a big fast brute of a sedan, they had to turn to their neighbours in Stuttgart, Porsche. Each of these 500s were hand-built by Porsche over the course of 18 days and were shuttled between their respective factories during the build. No other Mercedes-Benz can claim to have had such an intimate relationship with Porsche, this is the real limited edition.

 photo P1050860.jpg

Looking inside, everything was kept super clean with just the addition of a period correct Raid steering wheel. Don’t you just love it when big fast sedans from Germany all used to look so stealth? Nowadays the styling is all about giant wheels, obnoxious colours, big gaping vents and badges all over. All about being “shouty shouty look at me!”. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to. Or maybe i’m just old.


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