Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Carpark Capers Part 1

One of the highlights of visiting the Tokyo Auto Salon happens not within the show grounds but rather, right outside, in the incredibly massive visitors’ carpark. With such an amazing car culture that’s been cultivated over decades, you can definitely expect owners of some interesting cars to show up when the biggest aftermarket automotive event opens its doors.

 photo P1050656.jpg

I’ve actually skipped heading out to the carpark for the past two Auto Salons i attended, for a couple of reasons. One being, the sheer size of the carpark. After walking around the massive halls of the Auto Salon, just the thought of venturing out to the carpark is enough to make your feet ache. The carpark that caters to Makuhari Messe is incredibly vast. Another reason for missing out on my previous excursions was the weather, with TAS being held smack in the middle of winter and the exhibition arena located quite near a big body of water, it can get rather windy and rather cold. But, this year, i made it a part of my agenda, who cares about the cold! I could have sworn i saw a couple of snow flakes fall when i was entering the carpark, but since i was already there, let’s go!!!

 photo P1050655.jpg

Over the course of the next two posts, i shall bring you pictures of the cars i saw as i walked the carpark grounds, in pretty much the same order as i saw the them, that should give you a rough idea of the incredible random awesomeness of cars i came across. My commentary will be short and i’ll try to let the pictures speak for themselves. I’ve saved some of the more special stuff for Part II, so i hope you’ll stay with me.

 photo P1050658.jpg

 photo P1050659.jpg

 photo P1050660.jpg

 photo P1050661.jpg

 photo P1050666.jpg

Sometimes you come across things which make you go WTF…

 photo P1050667.jpg

I had no idea what to make of it…

 photo P1050668.jpg

 photo P1050670.jpg

 photo P1050671.jpg

 photo P1050672.jpg

 photo P1050673.jpg

 photo P1050675.jpg

 photo P1050677.jpg

 photo P1050678.jpg

 photo P1050680.jpg

So far, did you realise that almost all the cars were impeccably clean? Seeing a dirty car was something different! But dirt on an EVO is ok in my book.

 photo P1050682.jpg

Skyline spotting is almost like a sport for car-geek foreigners in Japan.

 photo P1050685.jpg

 photo P1050687.jpg

 photo P1050689.jpg

 photo P1050692.jpg

 photo P1050695.jpg

 photo P1050696.jpg

 photo P1050698.jpg

 photo P1050706.jpg

 photo P1050708.jpg

Battle ready Supra looking mean.

 photo P1050710.jpg

R33s are getting more popular once again, i love this classic combo of gold centered BBS LMs on a white car.

 photo P1050715.jpg

 photo P1050723.jpg

 photo P1050722.jpg

This S660 looked like it just got delivered!

 photo P1050727.jpg

 photo P1050729.jpg

 photo P1050730.jpg

We saw this rusty Swift back in Odaiba during the Fresh Meet.

 photo P1050732.jpg

Gotta love Centurys.

 photo P1050734.jpg

 photo P1050737.jpg

No idea why this GTR got the boot.

 photo P1050739.jpg

 photo P1050742.jpg

Beautiful old 911.

 photo P1050744.jpg

Sitting in between some JDM micro compacts. Look how tiny a 911 was! I wonder if it fits within Kei-car dimensions.

 photo P1050746.jpg

Mopar or no car!

 photo P1050748.jpg

Cressida wagons seem to be getting more love.

 photo P1050749.jpg

Mk IIIs too.

 photo P1050751.jpg

Everything about this Mk IV was going so well until that strange front chrome lippy.

 photo P1050753.jpg

 photo P1050755.jpg

 photo P1050757.jpg

Car enthusiast come in all shapes an sizes.

 photo P1050759.jpg

 photo P1050761.jpg

More Skyline spotting.

 photo P1050762.jpg

 photo P1050772.jpg

 photo P1050785.jpg

 photo P1050788.jpg

Like that strange Odyssey up above, once again i came across something that made me go hmmm!?!

 photo P1050789.jpg

What in the World???

 photo P1050792.jpg

I’ve always wondered how does anyone drive with these steering wheels.

 photo P1050795.jpg

In case anyone thought the above car was from the US of A. No it’s actually a JZX100 chassis car. I can’t tell exactly which one. I think it was a Chaser.

 photo P1050798.jpg

 photo P1050797.jpg

With space being such a premium in Tokyo, most residents can only afford to have one car, so i’m guessing the owner of this Panda 4×4 is probably as quirky as his/her car.

 photo P1050801.jpg

 photo P1050818.jpg

 photo P1050820.jpg

 photo P1050823.jpg

 photo P1050822.jpg

So clean… So magnificent…

 photo P1050825.jpg

 photo P1050827.jpg


 photo P1050831.jpg

Looks like its going sideways just sitting still.

 photo P1050836.jpg

Hachimaru hero!

 photo P1050838.jpg

Sometimes you’ll come across surprises only after you’ve taken the picture! Like this Impul R33-R, one of only 200 made. I thought i was just taking a picture of an R33 sedan and only came across its special badging when i sorting through and editing my images!

 photo P1050840.jpg

 photo P1050842.jpg

 photo P1050843.jpg

 photo P1050847.jpg

 photo P1050849.jpg

The home of Godzilla does not disappoint.

 photo P1050863.jpg

 photo P1050864.jpg

V12 badging means this is the big daddy S600.

 photo P1050870.jpg

 photo P1050877.jpg

 photo P1050878.jpg

 photo P1050882.jpg

Great looking R33.

 photo P1050885.jpg

 photo P1050887.jpg

 photo P1050891.jpg

I don’t see much of these Bug eyed STIs anymore. They do look very distinctive don’t you think?

 photo P1050894.jpg

By this point, i’ve only covered maybe half of the carpark but it was getting even colder and with only a couple of hours to go until the Auto Salon closes for the day, i decided to head back into the warm fuzzy halls. Tomorrow i’ll show you the most interesting car i came across. Wait for it!


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