Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Of Roadsters & RFs

I’m guessing for those who’ve read my previous post, you’d probably be wondering where did all the Mazdas go this year? Well, with no new Rotary flagship sports car on the horizon, most tuners have now turned their attention to the Roadster, also depending on where you live, known as the MX-5 or Miata. Specifically the latest ND series. And there were plenty of them inside the halls of Makuhari Messe.

 photo P1030017.jpg

 photo P1030021.jpg

A brand associated mostly with their very cool Fiat Abarths, RK Design had a mildly tuned Roadster on display next to their stunning 124 Spider Abarth. More on that next time.

 photo P1030163.jpg

Even Silk Blaze, a prominent VIP dressup stylist had a Roadster on show. Dropped all the way down, with a set of red side mirrors perhaps a nod to the Fiat 124 Spider that shares the same chassis?

 photo P1030211.jpg

Monza Japan Wheels’ Roadster.

 photo P1040199.jpg

Roadster sitting on a set of Work Meisters.

 photo P1050228.jpg

Fantastic looking Roadster from Mazda tuner Knight Sports. Love it.

 photo P1030415.jpg

Blitz’s Roadster Cup sitting at the Dunlop tires booth.

 photo P1030892.jpg

 photo P1030894.jpg

Another Roadster Cup, this time from Cusco.

 photo P1040686.jpg

While all the Roadsters were really cool, the car that really stood out for me and one which i’d rush out to buy right now if some money were to drop from the sky would be this. The Roadster RF. It just looks sooo good.

 photo P1040685.jpg

Who cares if it’s a little heavier and a little slower than the cloth top? Performance will anyway always be eclipsed by the cars that come later, but beauty and aesthetics of a lovely automobile will forever be constant.

 photo P1040645.jpg

 photo P1040643.jpg

 photo P1040651.jpg

 photo P1040640.jpg

BBS wheels and all that fancy trimming inside means this is a Club Edition.

 photo P1040652.jpg

 photo P1040655.jpg

Show goers to Mazda’s booth were not just allowed inside the cars, but were encouraged to try out the roof mechanism. It’ll probably snow here in Singapore before anything like that was allowed at our local motorshow. Local handlers would also probably kick you out just for leaving your grubby fingerprints on the cars.

 photo P1040007.jpg

Great looking RF at Edirb’s booth. For those who don’t know what Edirb is, it’s basically a more luxury focussed line of sports seats from Bride. Flip Bride around and you get Edirb! Not the best sounding (derp!) or original origin story name but i guess whatever floats their boat.

 photo P1050421.jpg

 photo P1050435.jpg

 photo P1050440.jpg

 photo P1200389.jpg

And over at Blitz, we had an RF that’s been given the Forced Induction treatment. Power Innovation!

 photo P1040688.jpg

One last lasting gaze at those beautiful buttresses and an unrealised dream.


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