Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Too Kuhl for school

It’s been a busy day of work so today’s update will be short but i hope you guys will like it nonetheless. This time, we take a look at the cars from the insanely talented crew of painters from Kuhl Racing. On previous years, we’ve seen them bring along their mad GT-R, first in silver, than in gold, both times in their crazy signature engraved metal effect paint jobs. Clearly not content with applying their skills on just 1 car, they’ve brought along 2 cars this year to showcase their mad skills.

 photo P1040631.jpg

First and foremost we have a Subaru WRX STi that’s been given the widebody treatment prior to getting the full on custom paintwork.

 photo P1040629.jpg

 photo P1040628.jpg

The level of detail going into each and every panel is quite simply mind boggling.

 photo P1040626.jpg

We can’t imagine this WRX will be tackling any off road courses anytime soon.

 photo P1040665.jpg

While the custom paint jobs on cars are mightily impressive already, things take on a whole different level when you see if on a full-sized Veilfire.

 photo P1040670.jpg

 photo P1040672.jpg

I wonder how many man hours went into this.

 photo P1040695.jpg

 photo P1040675.jpg

In addition to the cars showcasing their insane metal engraving paint work, Kuhl have also come up with a 3D effect paint. It’s pretty much impossible to see in still images but try to image those 3d holographic stickers you used to play with as a kid. It’s something like that, except in color and with this wavy pattern instead. It’s quite crazy too.

 photo P1040694.jpg

Here’s the paint applied to this 86.

 photo P1200362.jpg

And on this GTR as well!

 photo P1040673.jpg

If you looked closely, you can see that the cost to stand out doesn’t exactly come cheap! But hey, when standard wraps just don’t cut it, you know who to look for.


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