Hello 2017! Now, how do we begin…

With 2016 now gone and truly over, it’s time to look onward to a new year, a new year of hopes and dreams, of challenges and adversities. What will this new year bring upon us? I have no idea, but i do like to believe that it’ll be a good one. While most blogs and websites were busy recollecting and wrapping up 2016 just a week ago, i was too busy (or too lazy) to do any writing, preferring to enjoy my holidays with as little contact with the computer as possible.

 photo DSC05437.jpg

Looking back, politics and World issues aside, it had been a really significant year for my closest ones and myself. On the automotive front, we began the year kicking off Project944 for real, i say that because while we might have bought the car a couple of months shy of 2016, the car pretty much sat dormant until the beginning of the year.

 photo DSC05438.jpg

 photo DSC_0158.jpg

 photo DSC_0198.jpg

Imagining we could be the Singaporean equivalents of Mike and Ed from Wheeler Dealers, we went into this project full of enthusiasm and energy. A year on and with a severely busted build schedule (and budget) later, those dreams of us wheeling and dealing our way into a profit have pretty much vanished, and still, our car is not even done. I guess even Mike and Ed run into a dud every now and then.

 photo 1000170.jpg

On the plus side, i think it’s looking a lot better than what we started off with. Though there’s still quite a lot more work to do.

 photo 1000111.jpg

 photo 1000075.jpg

 photo 1000113.jpg

I wonder when will Project944 be eventually ready to be driven tastefully.

 photo 1000160.jpg

In the process of the build, i managed to track down an amazingly kept example of a 944 Turbo right here on our little island. Single owner since new.

 photo DSC03847.jpg

 photo DSC03872.jpg

 photo DSC03866.jpg

As well as some less than stellar cars…

 photo DSC_0005_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0026_1.jpg

 photo CnK_Cny.jpg

Cars & Kopi soldiered on well through the year with meets still held every other month. Perhaps we should increase the frequency of our C&K meets?

 photo P1200356.jpg

 photo P1000260.jpg

 photo DSC08144.jpg

Chiro even joined in once in a while… Though he didn’t seem that interested in the cars.

 photo DSC08022.jpg

 photo DSC08027.jpg

I tried to once again kickstart the local BMW-SG club meet but with a rather lacklustre turnout (again), i don’t think it’ll be happening again.

 photo DSC09572.jpg

 photo DSC09581.jpg

2016 also saw us have privy to a wonderful selection of lovely autos from Nostalgic Garage.

 photo DSC08564.jpg

 photo DSC08710.jpg

 photo DSC09029.jpg

 photo DSC08379.jpg

 photo DSC09689.jpg

 photo DSC01793.jpg

 photo DSC01841.jpg

 photo DSC09872.jpg

We also had the opportunity to crash a Porsche party.

 photo DSC00622.jpg

 photo DSC00542.jpg

The year also saw our well-liked 1-Series Silver lining leave the household and in it’s place, a 1-Series Cabriolet arrived.

 photo DSC03216.jpg

On a more personal note, we managed to put aside some time for a fantastic holiday to Melbourne Australia with a Great Ocean Road trip thrown in. Maybe i should do a couple of write ups on our trip in the near future!

 photo DSC01447.jpg

 photo DSC01470.jpg

 photo DSC01264.jpg

 photo DSC01328.jpg

 photo Day_07_IMG_20160804_083300.jpg

 photo Day_06_IMG_20160803_181749.jpg

 photo Day_01_IMG_20160728_153922.jpg

 photo Day_02_DSC_1042.jpg

Great food, amazing scenery, friendly people and lovely weather. It’s quite hard to not fall in love with Melbourne, i’m longing to go back.

 photo DSC00786.jpg

While we were there, i carved out a little bit of time to visit Dutton Garage as well. It was petrolhead heaven and probably a contender for one of the Automotive wonders of the World.

 photo DSC00976.jpg

 photo DSC01135.jpg

 photo DSC01206.jpg

 photo DSC01138.jpg

This place is petrolhead heaven and probably a contender for one of the Automotive wonders of the World.

With our work schedules and personal commitments keeping us rather busy for most of the year, it would be rather silly to take on even more responsibilities but that’s what we pretty much did towards the tail end of 2016.

 photo DEARMUTT_LOGO.jpg

That’s right, we (by we, i mean my girlfriend) took over (half actually, it’s a partnership) a local Dog Hotel, Dearmutt! We love our doggies and deciding to put that energy into a business run by passion, my girlfriend sunk in a considerable amount of her own savings and our weekends have never been the same ever since!

Looks like 2017 will be a busy year. Next week, Tokyo beckons.


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