Cars & Kopi – Goodbye 2016

There is no denying it, 2016 is a year to be remembered for mostly the wrong reasons. And while we would love to give this year a final send off asap, we can’t really do so without first having our year-end Cars & Kopi meet!

With it being the year end, i kind of expected it to be slightly more subdued and while it wasn’t the carpark busting meet we had months ago, the smaller scale meet kind of felt rather nice and more casual than ever, allowing owners to mingle much more freely and for shutterbugs like me, we had the luxury of time when capturing each car.

With Project944 STILL not yet done, it looked like our grand ‘ol E34 will be back at Cars & Kopi once again. Except this time, it wasn’t. This time, i was behind the wheel of an E30.

 photo P1000175.jpg

I can’t remember how long it had been since i last sat behind the wheel of an E30. I think it’s been almost 10 years. But once in the cockpit, everything fell into place once again. It’s alot more snug than the E34 that’s for sure, i almost forgotten how compact it was.

 photo P1000485.jpg

 photo P1000490.jpg

Back then, my E30 was a little 316 sedan with a measly 1.6 4-banger, in comparison the car i was so graciously lent is a beautiful 325i Cabriolet adorned with Alpina flourishes, under the skin was 2.5 liters of silky BMW Straight-6 power mated to a snicky snicky 5-spd manual. It was lovely. (Even with the roof up.)

 photo P1000478.jpg

 photo P1000484.jpg

 photo P1000494.jpg

With 2 Japanese Nostalgic Cars in tow, we drove up to the location of the meet together. As you can see from the above picture, i was in pretty good company.

 photo P1000386.jpg

If there was a day when i was glad the weather forecast was wrong, it was this day. All through the week, the met service had predicted rain and even a thunderstorm on the morning of the meet. Instead, what we had was a really sunny morning! Perfect weather for a Sunny?

 photo P1000245.jpg

 photo P1000390.jpg

 photo P1000260.jpg

No doubt the star of this meet, a stunning Kenmeri that had only been registered the day before. Still strange seeing this outside of Japan, but i love it.

 photo P1000250.jpg

 photo P1000253.jpg

Great looking with a ton of character.

 photo P1000257.jpg

Get a lift(back)!

 photo P1000444.jpg

Immaculately kept R32. Previously on big brakes and Enkei wheels, now back to stock brakes and stock 16s. Still looks fantastic.

 photo P1000434.jpg

 photo P1000431.jpg

 photo P1000188.jpg

We need more cars to be produced with Spartan air!

 photo P1000369.jpg

 photo P1000375.jpg

Next to the San-ni, we have a San-yon, bathed in it’s signature Bayside blue paint.

 photo P1000190.jpg

 photo P1000194.jpg

JDM crew’s game was strong this time round.

 photo P1000361.jpg

The only Nissan President left on our local roads. Nicely dropped. Did you know this car runs on air suspension?

 photo P1000207.jpg

Our unfortunate tax system on older cars have meant EVO 7/8/9 numbers have dwindled.

 photo P1000403.jpg

Team CyberIMP.

 photo P1000217.jpg

 photo P1000213.jpg

 photo P1000221.jpg

Team Larry Kosilla!

 photo P1000223.jpg

You know what’s rarer than an EVO? A stock EVO. So clean right?

 photo P1000412.jpg

Facing off with its long time rival. Those were the days.

 photo P1000407.jpg

I never did get enough pictures of this S204 on previous meets.

 photo P1000292.jpg

 photo P1000289.jpg

 photo P1000286.jpg

To most people on the street, this is just another WRX, to people who wake up stupid early on weekend mornings to ogle at cars, this is something special.

 photo P1000284.jpg

 photo P1000280.jpg

From the same family tree.

 photo P1000379.jpg

Singapore Kanjo?

 photo P1000203.jpg

Hachiroku looking fine.

 photo P1000309.jpg

Maybe i should have shipped one of these in instead of Project944, i’m guessing parts will be a lot cheaper.

 photo P1000314.jpg

 photo P1000347.jpg

Perennial favourite. Really looking forward to seeing the RF in Tokyo next month.

 photo P1000224.jpg

Back on the Euro front, we have the Air cooled cars from Stuttgart leading the charge.

 photo P1000305.jpg

 photo P1000419.jpg

Love the grey on this 993, and those wheels!

 photo P1000297.jpg

 photo P1000422.jpg

Backdate was super sweet as well.

 photo P1000295.jpg

I was doing some interior “research”.

 photo P1000455.jpg

 photo P1000302.jpg

I still want one. Still can’t afford one.

 photo P1000456.jpg

 photo P1000475.jpg


 photo P1000264.jpg

Better… (i think)

 photo P1000266.jpg

Great looking Jaaaaaaaaaag

 photo P1000272.jpg

 photo P1000277.jpg

Mini was on point!

 photo P1000428.jpg

Then there were two.

 photo P1000468.jpg

Many many many years later.

 photo P1000322.jpg


 photo P1000350.jpg

Not too many BMWs this time around (as usual), but an E36 Coupe will always have a place in my heart.

 photo P1000198.jpg

Elegance in mechanical form.

 photo P1000333.jpg

 photo P1000338.jpg

One generation later gave the SL a major redesign. Although not as pretty as its predecessor, it does age rather well. I’d prefer it back on its single headlight configuration, the US-spec lights don’t work as well in my opinion.

 photo P1000463.jpg

Lovingly restored Bus looked stunning with many little lovely details.

 photo P1000438.jpg

All the way from Italia, a 147 GTA.

 photo P1000330.jpg

You can’t have a car meet without at least 1 Fezza right?

 photo P1000472.jpg

Doesn’t matter what you have as long as you have fun!

 photo P1000381.jpg

After we bade our farewells, it was time to head off with Mr Kenmeri in tow. I hope you guys enjoyed it and if all goes to plan, our next meet will happen not too far away!

 photo P1000526.jpg

But before that… Tokyo agogo (again)…

 photo P1000516.jpg

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