The forgotten

Since we were on the topic of abandoned Porsches, i figured it’d be a good time to share another sad sight. This yellow 911 was at one point in time, someone’s pride and joy. Imagine how it must have felt to be the owner, seeing it fresh on the showroom floor decades ago. How it must have given him the biggest smile blasting down our expressways and how amazing it must’ve looked to bystanders back in the day.

 photo DSC_0026_1.jpg

Those days are unfortunately long gone, and now, our little yellow friend just sits here everyday. Longing for the day someone will return to set her free.

 photo DSC_0033_4.jpg

This sad sight is something i pass by every time i head to my regular workshop and even thought it’s been sitting in the same spot for years, i’ve always just given it a passing glance, never really taking a closer look. Until now.

 photo DSC_0036_2.jpg

I think “caked with dust” is an understatement. I’ve never seen a layer of dust so thick on a car before. Much less a coveted air-cooled.

 photo DSC_0032_3.jpg

The story behind it? I hear it’s the result of a payment dispute between the owner of the car and one of the workshops. Clearly any discussions they had did not end amicably and this early 911 has now been left here to rot and gather dust.

 photo DSC_0035_2.jpg

Deep dish wheels hide deep piles of dirt.

 photo DSC_0039_3.jpg

Who knows how long more she’ll sit here. Such a sorry sight.

 photo DSC_0040_1.jpg

I’m sorry your story has to end like this little Speed yellow, I truly am. My pockets just aren’t deep enough to break your chains to let you learn to fly again and live so free.


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