Fuel Magazine / Club Hi-Fence

Interestingly, i happened to chance upon the latest issue of Fuel Magazine at the local magazine store. For those interested, think of it as Aussie/Melbournian “artisinal” culture meets cars meets lovely photography. Anyway, i gave it a quick flip and these pictures caught my eye!

 photo DSC02784.jpg

 photo DSC02789.jpg

It’s the crew from Hi-Fence car club, previously seen when we visited the Yokohama HotRod show last December! Cool!

 photo DSC02779.jpg

So i just had to part ways with over SGD$20 for a copy, but it’s all good. I know some of you guys from Japan visit my site, so here’s a big こんにちは shout out!

 photo DSC02774.jpg

If you happen to see a copy, do pick it up, there’s quite a bit more to see! Support print! Here’s how the front cover looks like.

 photo DSC02769.jpg


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