Project 944: Move along

It’s been quite a while since i last updated on Project 944 and to be honest, this project has so far been a lot more heartache than joy. The massive list of parts, the delays and the additional gremlins that continually pop up really does make it feel like for every step forward we take, we slide back two.

 photo DSC_0376.jpg

 photo DSC_0385.jpg

 photo DSC_0382.jpg

So what has been done so far? While the above images might show a car that’s hardly changed from when we first begun, a massive amount of work has gone on underneath all that yellow sheet metal. The good news is the engine has now been mostly tidied up and the car now runs under its own power. The bad news is after shuffling it around, we’ve found a number of issues with the drivetrain. This of course is leading to another list of parts that need to be flown in. Transmission bearings, differential bearings, and other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

Since it will take a bit of time to list down and source for all the parts needed, we decided to get the car towed to the bodyshop (Revol Singapore) for some much needed aesthetic TLC in the meantime. The bodyshop was also where the above pictures were taken.

 photo DSC_0362_1_1.jpg

I also learnt the hard way that NA front panels are entirely different from those on the Turbo. Sigh… With resellers on Ebay asking for ridiculous prices for their used parts, we turned to Pelicanparts once again and ordered an entirely brand new panel straight from Porsche. Since the shipping was somewhat exorbitant for this oversized part, i tacked on the signature Porsche rear decals to the order. The original decal wasn’t exactly cheap but i’m hesitant about getting it done locally, it might be a more expensive exercise of trial and error if things don’t go well. That red front on yellow does look a little Magnus Walker no?

 photo WhatsApp-Image-2016-09-06-at-10.44.31-AM.jpg

While the front panel was being loaded onto a plane, (Revol Singapore) wasted no time to tearing down the bodywork. Exposing some bits of rot and rust.

 photo WhatsApp-Image-2016-09-06-at-10.45.05-AM.jpg

 photo WhatsApp-Image-2016-09-06-at-10.58.02-AM.jpg

With a rather good condition stock rear spoiler shipped in, we requested for the big batman rear spoiler to be removed. Underneath the rear cape was a massive amount of dried up glue. The pros at Revol also uncovered some inconsistencies in the front right panel so have taken steps to bring it back up to spec.

 photo WhatsApp-Image-2016-09-20-at-9.51.50-AM.jpg

A week later, here’s the offending panel all smoothed out. With the paint slightly sanded down, the box flares are looking much better i reckon.

 photo 944prep.jpg

Here’s the other side of the car, prepped out for paint. Revol works fast. As i’m writing this, the brand new front panel has arrived after travelling halfway across the globe and will be sent over to the bodyshop asap.

It’s a strange feeling that even though i know for a fact that a ton of man hours and work have gone into rebuilding the car’s mechanicals, seeing the bodywork progress through the restoration and rejuvenation process gives me more satisfaction than anything else with regards to this project so far. I guess being a very visual and aesthetically driven person, this comes as a no brainer. Though i can’t help but feel somewhat selfish for being so biased towards the superficial. Oh well, move along people…

 photo DSC_0374.jpg


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