Cars & Kopi – Autumn 2016

It’s pretty much Mid Autumn festival time for all of us in Singapore, but while everyone else was busy wolfing down the latest snow-skinned mooncake creation or playing with their lanterns, our good friends over at Nostalgic Garage opened their doors to host the September edition of Cars & Kopi!

 photo DSC02102.jpg

 photo DSC02360.jpg

 photo DSC02362.jpg

 photo DSC02114.jpg

Sadly, the heavens opened up and poured on our lovingly washed cars. But the turnout was still pretty good we think!

 photo DSC02350.jpg

It was also funnily enough, the first time a Cars & Kopi meet actually had some coffee ready for everyone in attendance! (Thanks to Nostalgic Garage!)

 photo DSC02211.jpg

As you can see from the opening picture, we’ve brought our 1 Series down instead of the regular Garage36 jalopy. Mostly because the E34 broke down, but also seemed fitting since our 1 Series is now almost at the 10-year old mark when (due to silly local automotive laws) it will be deregistered.

 photo DSC02237.jpg

It has brought us along on many happy journeys but sadly, this is perhaps the first and last Cars & Kopi our “Silver Lining” will be attending.

 photo DSC02238.jpg

Sometimes also referred to as the 911!

 photo DSC02341.jpg

Hopefully we can salvage the wheels onto another car.

 photo DSC02202.jpg

I hope it’s not wrong to like the Mito.

 photo DSC02191.jpg

 photo DSC02195.jpg

But sat next to an original Mark I Golf GTi, there really is no contest. We’ve previously featured this Golf GTi in an earlier writeup and we’re happy to report, it has recently been sold..

 photo DSC02250.jpg

Icons side by side. Prices for AE86s have shot up so much that owning one has now become a distant dream.

 photo DSC02260.jpg

Can’t mistake that side profile and color scheme for anything else.

 photo DSC02397.jpg

 photo DSC02399.jpg

And then there were two! When was the last time you saw a pair of Hachirokus sitting side by side in Singapore?

 photo DSC02257.jpg

Our cover image for this meet also happened to be an AE86, albeit in Levin form. Oh what a feeling!

 photo DSC02107.jpg

My favourite car this time was this Mercedes though.

 photo DSC02141.jpg

Check out those lovely wheels, those lovely brakes. The V6 Kompressor badge. This has to be a…

 photo DSC02332.jpg

C32 AMG! We actually noticed this car on the automotive classifieds not too long ago. It didn’t stay on sale very long though. Love it.

 photo DSC02319.jpg

 photo DSC02325.jpg

Another interesting car that we don’t see very often, an Altezza RS200. The last time i drove one of these, it was on the Playstation. Made a great dori dori machine.

 photo DSC02183.jpg

A pair of Germans with probably 40 years between them.

 photo DSC02217.jpg

Limited edition.

 photo DSC02220.jpg


 photo DSC02173.jpg

Since we’re on BMWs. Here’s another M3.

 photo DSC02179.jpg

M3 or GTR?

 photo DSC02144.jpg

A rather interesting looking E36 sitting quietly.

 photo DSC02307.jpg

E39 5’er in a very unique shade of grey.

 photo DSC02165.jpg

And here’s something you don’t see everyday, an X3 sitting on TE37s. JDM yo!

 photo DSC02291.jpg

 photo DSC02155.jpg

 photo DSC02292.jpg

 photo DSC02299.jpg

 photo DSC02304.jpg

Ze German autos were very well represented this time.

 photo DSC02152.jpg

But as always, there were still many fantastic JDMs in attendance.

 photo DSC02120.jpg

 photo DSC02126.jpg

 photo DSC02123.jpg

I used to lust after these GC WRXs when i was a student. Back then, these were kings of the roads. I was given the chance to drive one by my ex-boss. Had it nicely lined up at the lights, gave the burbling engine a couple of revs and popped the clutch as the lights turned green!

Stalled it……

 photo DSC02131.jpg

 photo DSC02383.jpg

 photo DSC02375.jpg

A wild Doge appeared too!

 photo DSC02406.jpg

As the meet came to a close and people started leaving, we all stood around chatting when this came rolling in. The one and only remaining Toyota Soarer on our sunny island.

 photo DSC02421.jpg

 photo DSC02431.jpg

Then it went pssssh pssssh and down went the ride height.

 photo DSC02444.jpg

Air-ride baby…

 photo DSC02333.jpg

 photo DSC02448.jpg

Once again, big thanks to the folks over at Nostalgic Garage for hosting the meet!


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