Fascination automobile: Visiting Dutton Garage Melbourne Part 1

As far as i can remember, i’ve always had a love affair with cars. I’d like to think that this strange fascination stemming from a young age (thanks dad!) has definitely ingrained in me a slightly different perspective on automobiles and life in general. Perhaps, even fueling my drive towards a design-centric career.

 photo DSC00937.jpg

With the advent of the internets, facebook and instagram (follow me! @garage36louis), it’s now very easy to find like minded individuals to engage with and share our passions.

 photo DSC01025.jpg

Growing up though, things were quite different. As a young primary school going boy with zero interest in sports and nerding out on Top Trump cardpacks and car magazines instead, getting made fun of for having an “old people” hobby was an everyday occurrence. Needless to say, with my art folder plastered with pictures of Testarossas and Countach(s) instead of a footballer living halfway across the World, i wasn’t part of the “cool kids”.

Happily, that’s all in the past and the only reason i brought it up was that one fine day, a fellow classmate posed me a question which i still remember today. “Why do you obsess over all those expensive cars which you can’t ever afford?” I replied almost instantly without much thinking, “I might not be able to afford them, but i can still appreciate them.”

 photo DSC00989.jpg

 photo DSC00994.jpg

Those words i mouthed decades ago recently resurfaced in my mind the moment i stepped into Dutton Garage. I was recently on holiday in Melbourne and Speedhunting was not on my agenda, but with an entire day left to myself and a hot tip from a friend to visit this mystical place, i was at and through their front door in no time.

 photo DSC00976.jpg

The term slack jawed has been used many times over but that was pretty much what happened. Heck, it even happens now as i look through my own pictures and recall the visit. For a person who grew up fantasizing and dreaming daily of having a “dream garage”, this place is heaven. For a person who grew up fantasizing and dreaming daily of having a “dream garage” and who now works in the creative and design industry, it’s pretty much in same territory as riding on a magical flying unicorn on top of a rainbow made of bubblegum gelato. It’s that crazy.

 photo DSC00981.jpg

Architecture, interior design, an exquisite selection of cars and very friendly and welcoming staff. What’s not to love? There’s even a cafe inside for those wanting a Cars and Coffee moment.

 photo DSC00968.jpg

 photo DSC00953.jpg

And we’re only still in the entrance area.

 photo DSC01003.jpg

 photo DSC01015.jpg

Continue on in and prepare to have your mind boggled one again.

 photo DSC01135.jpg

 photo DSC01206.jpg

 photo DSC01138.jpg

Heaven is closer now today.

 photo DSC00774.jpg

 photo DSC00765.jpg

 photo DSC00770.jpg

FJ or F-car?

 photo DSC01215.jpg

 photo DSC01181.jpg

 photo DSC01218.jpg

Go Aussie!

 photo DSC00842.jpg

 photo DSC00830.jpg

 photo DSC00834.jpg

 photo DSC00835.jpg

I lusted over the 308/328 era Ferraris so much when i was growing up. This one is absolutely stunning.

 photo DSC01073.jpg

But as much as i love the 308/328s, i’ve always felt the most beautiful expression of Pininfarina’s design language for Ferraris of that period rested on the curvaceous lines of Leonardo Fioravanti’s Berlinetta Boxers. The 512BB in the opening photos and this beautiful 365GT4 BB. The first and the rarest generation of the Berlinetta Boxers.

 photo DSC01063.jpg

 photo DSC01068.jpg

 photo DSC01065.jpg

Right hand drive too!

 photo DSC01054.jpg

Sextuplets pipes. Sex.

 photo DSC00932.jpg

 photo DSC01123.jpg

Nearby, another hero from the 70s lurked. While the 365GT4 BB were the first of their line, this 25th Anniversary Countach, honouring Lamborghini’s 25th anniversary (i know it’s obvious but humor me), signified the last of its breed. While it might have been the fastest Countach ever to come out of the factory, i don’t particularly think it’s the prettiest. Those strakes on the intakes and vents are just way too disco for me. Guess who was the then chief engineer on the 25th Anniversay Countach, Horacio Pagani. Thankfully he has toned down on adding wild body parts to cars in more recent time.

 photo DSC01128.jpg

 photo DSC01114.jpg

Once again, a right hand drive specimen.

 photo DSC00931.jpg

 photo DSC01086.jpg

While the 25th Anniversary Countach was the last of the Countach line, its engine pretty much lived on, in various incarnations of Diablos and Murciélagos.

 photo DSC01088.jpg

I’ll do up another post on that red thing hiding behind.

 photo DSC01045.jpg

I think it’s safe to say those lines adorned many a car-obsessed youth’s bedroom walls.

 photo DSC01059.jpg

Limited edition.

 photo DSC00846.jpg

 photo DSC00851.jpg

Since we’re showing some more modern machinery.

 photo DSC00857.jpg

 photo DSC00863.jpg

With Porsches receiving plenty of attention in the past few years, there were of course plenty in the showroom. I am totally in love with this 993’s color, Midnight Blue Metallic. Project 944 maybe?

 photo DSC00890.jpg

 photo DSC01196.jpg

 photo DSC01200.jpg

Black on black 993 RS is an excellent choice!

 photo DSC00959.jpg

Please forgive me for giving the SLR less attention.

 photo DSC01210.jpg

 photo DSC01057.jpg

If cars could talk, what stories would a 356 have?

 photo DSC00948.jpg

 photo DSC00965.jpg

 photo DSC01027.jpg

 photo DSC01019.jpg


 photo DSC00869.jpg

Meep meep!!! Gotta love them Superbirds.

 photo DSC00883.jpg

 photo DSC00876.jpg

 photo DSC00872.jpg

And you thought your GT-wing was big.

 photo DSC00806.jpg

Rounding off Part 1, here’s a pair of lovely Ponies.

 photo DSC00824.jpg

 photo DSC00818.jpg

 photo DSC00811.jpg

 photo DSC00807.jpg

 photo DSC00817.jpg

 photo DSC00814.jpg

Like a Boss.

For those interesting in visiting Dutton Garage, find out more here.

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