Breakfast with the Air-cooled family

Something very famous or very popular, to represent a particular opinion of a particular time. In the World of automobiles there are not too many out which can truly claim the nomenclature, Iconic. Off the top of my head, and in my opinion at least, the two most iconic badges to have withstood the test of time remain the BMW 3 series and our subject for today, the Porsche 911, of the air-cooled variety.

Over the weekend, the local air-cooled Porsche club held a private breakfast gathering and yours truly managed to sneak in. No, not really, i was registered as a guest and paid the entry fee. Anyway, with quite the assortment of cars on show, here are some of my highlights. Let’s begin with my favourite!

 photo DSC00542.jpg

Oh wait, how did this get here? How embarrassing. Let’s move on to…

 photo DSC00466.jpg

 photo DSC00453.jpg

My personal favourite of the show and the first car that caught my eye when i first entered the grounds. It might not be anywhere near concours standard but this 911 just oozes personality. Check out those turbo fan wheel covers!

 photo DSC00451.jpg

Sitting on top of what i believe are a set of OZ Strosek wheels, the turbo fan covers look to be a set of custom made jobs since i’ve never seen any turbo fans mounted in this manner. So cool.

 photo DSC00732.jpg

 photo DSC00729.jpg

 photo DSC00736.jpg

Love the little bits of personalisation. Deus Ex Machina, in English, God from the Machine.

 photo DSC00743.jpg

All the World needs is Rough?

 photo DSC00724.jpg

Built to the philosophy of 改善(Kaizen), a Japanese approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

 photo DSC00448.jpg

 photo DSC00473.jpg

On the other end of the scale and with a much more pampered life, we have this. An ex-royalty Porsche 930 3.3 Turbo.

 photo DSC00508.jpg

 photo DSC00705.jpg

I overheard someone mentioning 70,000km on the odometer for the 35 year old. Or was it 7,000km? Hmm…

 photo DSC00469.jpg

Those spotlights are spot-on! (Sorry)

 photo DSC00696.jpg

 photo DSC00709.jpg

 photo DSC00702.jpg

 photo DSC00700.jpg

Very clean interior looks barely used.

 photo DSC00477.jpg

Another car with an early life that was just as quiet as its royal cousin. This highly desirable and very very rare 964 Carrera RS.

 photo DSC00681.jpg

 photo DSC00483.jpg

This here is the real deal.

 photo DSC00684.jpg

Living her early life in the confines of the first owner’s living room, i think a nice detailing session should be in order.

 photo DSC00511.jpg

 photo DSC00515.jpg

 photo DSC00529.jpg

All the World needs is Rough you say? Here’s Singapore’s one and only (for now) Nakai-san special, RWB Natalie Lucas.

 photo DSC00568.jpg

 photo DSC00567.jpg

Another stunner, this white 964. Sitting on the best wheels ever made… In the World. The BBS LM.

 photo DSC00576.jpg

 photo DSC00559.jpg

 photo DSC00595.jpg

Perfect stance.

 photo DSC00562.jpg

Like bees to honey.

 photo DSC00613.jpg

This 930 Turbo had some very interesting, some very lovely detailing and a most gorgeous body color.

 photo DSC00610.jpg

Subtle intakes on the front bumper.

 photo DSC00746.jpg

I lurrrrrve the interior.

 photo DSC00640.jpg

 photo DSC00747.jpg

Very clean engine bay too!

 photo DSC00664.jpg

 photo DSC00667.jpg

While the green car above might have had some RUF items added, here now, is the real deal.

 photo DSC00670.jpg

 photo DSC00662.jpg

 photo DSC00674.jpg

While magazine write ups thought me how rare and special this car was. Playstation’s Gran Turismo brought it to life.

 photo DSC00677.jpg

RUF wheels look great on all Porsches.

 photo DSC00649.jpg

 photo DSC00647.jpg

Another 930 Turbo but in full original spec.

 photo DSC00637.jpg

Would you prefer a Turbo Cabriolet instead?

 photo DSC00480.jpg

 photo DSC00550.jpg

Move away from the fast lane if you see these 2 searing yellow speed machines approaching.

 photo DSC00522.jpg

 photo DSC00554.jpg

How do you like your 993?

 photo DSC00614.jpg

 photo DSC00581.jpg

Can’t go wrong with Guards red. Especially on a Speedster. I’ve wanted one ever since i was a kid. With only 2 left in Singapore, I’d reckon my chances aren’t that great.

 photo DSC00604.jpg

 photo DSC00602.jpg

A very unique color on this 964 Turbo. Also a rather rare car and highly coveted.

 photo DSC00619.jpg

Flatnose Targa? Not my cup of tea but it WAS the decade of shoulder pads and giant power suit blazers.

 photo DSC00622.jpg

 photo DSC00625.jpg

With prices of these cars having skyrocketed recently, admiring from a distance is probably the closest i can ever get to them. This makes me a sad panda.

 photo DSC00587.jpg

Not everyone’s here to admire the cars i guess!

 photo DSC00495.jpg

 photo DSC00492.jpg

Not a 911 but this 914 is also an Air-cooled. A rather fine looking one too.

 photo DSC00689.jpg

Just the basics and nothing but the basics. What more would you want? A 12 speaker B&O sound system? The music’s from the back (middle) matey!

 photo DSC00443.jpg

 photo DSC00710.jpg

 photo DSC00715.jpg

 photo DSC00719.jpg

 photo DSC00717.jpg

Something a little more vintage, a little more hipster perhaps?

 photo DSC00658.jpg

The local Porsche dealer Stuttgart were great sports and lent support to this event brought along a brand new nine-nine-something-point-something-something (the new turbo one) 911 to the show. Times sure have changed but that basic shape is still there.

With the morning coming to a close i said my goodbyes and left the event, but not before snapping some shots in the carpark! It’s always good fun to see what cars turn up to such events and i wasn’t disappointed. There was a Ferrari 458 and a few newer Porsches around but since those are somewhat a dime a dozen in Singapore, here’s what i caught instead.

 photo DSC00751.jpg

 photo DSC00757.jpg

A stunning backdated 911. I think it was a 964. Lookin’ good.
Edit: It’s a 930 SC

 photo DSC00756.jpg

I thought this was a NA 944 but some chatter online points to it being a 924 Turbo with grafted on 944 panels. To each his own i guess.

 photo DSC00755.jpg

And Giselle34 sitting happy in very good company. These 3 would make a pretty lovely garage stable no? A man can dream…

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