Project 944: What have we gotten ourselves into!

Not much to update and while progress doesn’t look to be quick, things are at least moving with most of the work done in unseen places. The engine has gone back into the car and the wiring is now being tidied up and looked over in preparation for an engine-start test.

 photo DSC_0893.jpg

Also, a new parcel arrived from Vertex Auto, a brand new original Porsche front undertray, affectionately known as the Batwing!

Sadly, another setback, this time in the form of broken off bolts on the rear spring plates. Just as the new Torsion bar was set to go in, 4 of the rear subframe bolts (3 on the driver side, 1 on the passenger side) sheared straight off with the lightest of turns. A brand new set of bushings and mounts will need to be ordered in as well once these bolts are removed.

While this does seem like a small setback in the whole big overall picture, it still does get me feeling very down with the costs of such inconveniences adding up and probably contributing a significant chunk of the labour fees involved, not to mention the overall timeline delays. Please make it end!!!

Maybe we should have went JDM.


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