Project 944: One piece

Project update! While the main chassis of the car is still sitting on the hoist with most of its bits removed, the “heart” of the build, meaning the engine, was subject to a nice workover and cleaning up before it was finally pieced back together.

 photo IMG-20160615-WA0003.jpg

 photo IMG-20160615-WA0001.jpg

Just some wiring and final touchups to go before it eventually goes back into the car. My fingers and toes are all crossed that it’ll start to purr properly soon.

 photo DSC_0718.jpg

 photo DSC_0725.jpg

 photo DSC_0721.jpg

 photo DSC_0727.jpg

The engine bay was also given a coat of flat back since everything inside was removed. 
Most of the extra bits and pieces we bought have been added in as well.

 photo DSC_0714.jpg

 photo DSC_0731.jpg

At the same time, with everything out, we noticed that this car has a slight front right fender bender at one time in its life. Not a huge biggie to me but a slight downer seeing it nonetheless. 

 photo DSC_0732.jpg

The front shocks were finishing their rebuild when i last saw. Once done, they will be fitted back into the car, the wheels will go on and the engine will be slotted back in. Then, it’s off to the another shop to sort out the air conditioning piping which was previously done in a slipshod fashion and was in quite a mess. 

 photo IMG-20160615-WA0000.jpg

Brand new front indicator lenses and used original foggies have been fitted. Those foggies are really hard to find! Next up will be trying to get a Batwing undertray shipped over.
 photo DSC_0729.jpg

Slowly everything is now starting to come back together bit by bit and hopefully we’ll get to see the car start to take shape in a month maybe?

On the way out from the shop, spotted this poor 911 sitting nearby. It’s been in this same spot for as long as i got the 944, sadly very neglected and unloved. I wonder what happened. 

 photo DSC_0738.jpg


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