Cars & Kopi – 2016 Mid-Year Reunion

It’s been a few months since we last held a Cars & Kopi meet, truth be told i really did think the last meet we had back during the Chinese New Year holidays would have been the final one due to some unwanted shenanigans occurring, or at least, the last one i’d be part of putting together.

 photo DSC09890.jpg

But i guess you can’t keep car enthusiasts down for too long and with more and more people waiting for another Cars & Kopi meet to happen. We figured it was about time to dust off the old jalopy and have a mid year reunion, Cars & Kopi style!

 photo DSC09898.jpg

 photo DSC09896.jpg

With memories of some unappreciated “hooning” occurring at the last meet, we went somewhat incognito this time. All invites being sent through word of mouth (or word of whatsapp), and no publicising through facebook. The initial idea was to do a “Back to our roots” meet at Killiney Coffeeshop, where it all began, but as the day approached and worries of an inadequate number of parking lots looming, we decided to head over and try out a new location. Parkland Green,
East Coast Park.

 photo DSC09905.jpg

By the time i arrived, quite a nice number of cars had already parked up, JDMs being JDMs, were all rather early.

 photo DSC09946.jpg

Will the M2 ever capture the cult status heart like the 1M Coupe has? Only time will tell.

 photo DSC00122.jpg

 photo DSC00113.jpg

 photo DSC00117.jpg

The Mitsubishi Mirage and Subaru Legacy Turbo, both extremely rare cars on our shores. (We think the Mirage is a 1 of 1)

 photo DSC00123.jpg

Boosted Flat 6, meet boosted Flat 4.

 photo DSC00050.jpg

 photo DSC00047.jpg

Great looking pair. Does the 993 Cabriolet look familiar? We were lucky enough to have had a drive in it!

 photo DSC09995.jpg

 photo DSC09999.jpg

Now sporting a set of delicious wheels.

 photo DSC09939.jpg

Another 911 on sweet alloys. This 964 on BBS LMs, quite possibly the best wheels ever made… in the World…

 photo DSC09929.jpg

 photo DSC09930.jpg

With a more cosy turnout of cars, it was nice to be able to slowly take in the details. I like looking at stickers, i think it’s fun to see what people add to their cars.

 photo DSC09991.jpg

 photo DSC09984.jpg

Speaking of wheels, we took a closer look at this Beetle we previously saw at an earlier meet. Still on its cool Enkei RS05RRs.

 photo DSC09979.jpg

 photo DSC09986.jpg

Turned out to be a really cool car with it pretty much most of its rear insides stripped out! The stuffed dog was a nice touch.

 photo DSC09925.jpg

 photo DSC09924.jpg

Another 1 of 1 in Singapore, this stately Nissan President. Built to battle in the ultra niche understated high luxury market segment in Japan. It’s chief rival? The Toyota Century. Ultimately, the Century prevailed, but by no means does that make the President any less glorious.

 photo DSC09887.jpg

Cars & Kopi is a strange meet where flashy neon/chrome/pink/violet/rainbow Lamborghinis are rarely present.

 photo DSC00026.jpg

It is also a meet where you can spot 2 fully original EVO 9s sitting next to each other! And that F430 Scuderia as well.

 photo DSC00089.jpg

Needs no introduction i reckon.

 photo DSC00104.jpg

A little less horsepower but with just as much style, a number of lovely classic Alfas dropped by.

 photo DSC00143.jpg

 photo DSC09953.jpg

Ciao bella!

 photo DSC09960.jpg

 photo DSC09973.jpg


 photo DSC00100.jpg

 photo DSC09978.jpg

Modern GT Coupe (with a nice burbly 3.2 V6) was all curves next to the handsome and finely creased Lexus.

 photo DSC00135.jpg

The old and the new. This is what it’s all about.

 photo DSC09919.jpg

 photo DSC00074.jpg

British sports cars always have a fine following here at Cars & Kopi.

 photo DSC00062.jpg

 photo DSC00055.jpg

Still wish i have one.

 photo DSC00084.jpg

 photo DSC00081.jpg

This is probably only the second time i’ve seen a Europa S locally.

 photo DSC00066.jpg

One of the Lotus drivers brought along a flying thingamajig.
Update, watch the clip here!!! (Thanks Sean!)

 photo DSC00041.jpg

 photo DSC00019.jpg

The Saab crew made a pretty grand entrance together (and exit).

 photo DSC00010.jpg

 photo DSC00002.jpg

 photo DSC00013.jpg

Lovely old dame above unfortunately had a slight mishap at the carpark entrance. Hopefully it will all be sorted.

 photo DSC09976.jpg

 photo DSC00106.jpg

 photo DSC00037.jpg

 photo DSC00129.jpg

Rounding off our coverage, a selection of German Fräuleins. Till we “meet” again!

 photo DSC00151.jpg

Bonus pic: big thanks to Joel from Burnpavement for these awesome goodies to pair with Project944!

 photo Alfetta_36.jpg


3 thoughts on “Cars & Kopi – 2016 Mid-Year Reunion

  1. Thanks Louis both for organising and photos. It was a good relaxing Meet. l like the location and space even though it was further for me to get to. But it was the perfect excuse for a drive. And there are more affordable F&B outlets.

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