Because racecar! GT Spirit’s 1/18 Porsche 993 GT2 EVO

Coming from a long line of 911 Porsche Turbo racing cars in international motorsports, the 993-vintage of Porsche GT2 EVOs were developed for racing in GT1. Taking the already potent and stripped out 993 GT2 race car and shoehorning a pair of even bigger Turbochargers into the engine bay.

 photo DSC09354.jpg

The result, an increase in power from 400hp to 600hp, all tied down to a body weighing just 1,100kgs. Even with a new, higher-mounted rear wing and wider tires housed under those distinctive flared wheel arches, this thing was positively mental!

 photo DSC09346.jpg

 photo DSC09378.jpg

 photo DSC09381.jpg

Which does seem rather sad when you realize that this GT2 EVO was rather short lived, with Porsche Porsche deciding to replace it with the purpose-built 911 GT1.

 photo DSC09376.jpg

The story of the 993 GT2 EVO was even somewhat replicated in the World of 1/18 scale models. Though this example you see here is a GT Spirit car, an excellent one might i add, it actually is my second 1/18 993 GT2 EVO.

My very first GT2 EVO was a UT Models diecast. For those who’ve been in the 1/18 world long enough, UT Models was once a maker with some of the most choice subject matter for 1/18 cars, UT Models was also unfortunately, a rather short lived company, going out of business before being bought up by Autoart. But just before UT Models collapsed, they released the Porsche 993 GT2 EVO in white. Shortly after, the UT 993 GT2 EVOs became the unicorns of the 1/18th World. I managed to snap one up rather cheaply from a second hand deal. To be honest, back when i first bought it, i had no idea what it was and even less how valuable it could be.

Long story short, i eventually found out about its rarity and being the opportunistic young man that i was, i promptly posted it on Ebay and sold it for quite a tidy sum.

 photo DSC09431.jpg

Fast forward many many years later and here i am, with another 1/18 GT2 EVO in my hands, once again the result of a pretty good deal procured on the internets. This time, it’s made by another company called GT Spirit. It might not have the opening parts of the much earlier UT car but i don’t think it really suffers much from that.

 photo DSC09423.jpg

 photo DSC09420.jpg

 photo DSC09417.jpg

I was actually sitting on the fence for some time on one of these, i don’t really go for race cars but this one just looked so mean, so very cool and i think it will look fabulous sitting next to the RWB. With a discount offered, i just had to bring her home.

For all its shortcomings, i rather enjoyed GT Spirit’s interpretation of the 964 RWB, and once again, GT Spirit did not disappoint, it’s a beautifully crafted and finished piece.

 photo DSC09396.jpg

 photo DSC09406.jpg

This model also does manage to get something right which the RWB got so very wrong, the rear wheel stance. This 993 sits perfectly.

 photo DSC09392.jpg

 photo DSC09387.jpg

It might not have any opening doors but a quick look inside shows no lack of detailing.

 photo DSC09332.jpg

It isn’t perfect though. There are some small flaws if you look hard enough and noticeable ares where you can spot bits that have been given the cost-cutting treatment, are those flaws deal breakers? Not at all. With GT Spirit’s price point, there really is nothing i can complain about and i do hope they will continue producing lovely pieces of automotive art for collectors. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have on offer in the near future.

One thought on “Because racecar! GT Spirit’s 1/18 Porsche 993 GT2 EVO

  1. Beautiful pics ! But be aware: This is no 993 GT2 Evo. The UT Models Evo you had, was closer to an Evo. Even that version was missing the waste gate exhausts in the middle of the rear to make it a real Evo. Go check Google: “Konrad Evo”, “Kremer Evo” , “Larbre Evo” and “Roock Evo” to see the real Evos of the BPR/Le Mans era. The GT Spirit version is simply a model of the “993 GT2 1998” which was an evolution of the “standard” line GT2s. To make things really complicated: There were actually two Evos. The first one was produced in 1995 already and was driven by teams like Larbre competition or Rohr Corp. Over the course of time they added parts of all sorts of 993 GT2s eras and are hard to distinguish nowadays.


    Mr. Bülent

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