BMW-SG meetup: Die Rückkehr

It’s been a long time since our local BMW club, BMW-SG, had a meetup (and an even longer time since i last attended one), but after a hiatus of many months (or even years), the meets are now starting up once again and while not yet near the scale of meets from yesteryear, it’s great to see the flames for freude am fahren being rekindled once again.

 photo DSC09567.jpg

Hand-built, limited to 150 units and when first unveiled, costing almost twice as much as a regular M3. This M3 GTS is one rare puppy. Only a handful on our local roads and in eye-searing orange, is one car that’s hard to miss.

 photo DSC09568.jpg

Bonus: Did you know that the internal code name for the M3 GTS was JÃgermeister? No less due to the M# GTS’ unique paint and the famous German beverage’s history of sponsoring motorsports. At least, that’s what BMW M’s chief says.

 photo DSC09572.jpg

M6 Gran Coupe.

 photo DSC09608.jpg

 photo DSC09637.jpg

Fresh faced M2 also dropped by for an appearance.

 photo DSC09632.jpg

And the M2’s predecessor, the mighty and so-very-collectible-now 1M Coupe.

 photo DSC09592.jpg

But while the M-cars are really swell and everything, what really gets my Auto-otaku geek pulse racing are Alpinas. I just love these unique off-beat tuner specials. Alpinas have always managed to just “feel” a little bit more special don’t you think? Even with the M-cars around

 photo DSC09584.jpg

 photo DSC09630.jpg

This green B4 Bi-Turbo coupe was just stunning.

 photo DSC09581.jpg

Even Momo thinks so.

 photo DSC09644.jpg

 photo DSC09641.jpg

Another Buchloe special! Love the signature Alpina wheels.

 photo DSC09650.jpg

Great looking 5er Touring too!

 photo DSC09620.jpg

i3 made a quiet appearance.

 photo DSC09595.jpg

 photo DSC09648.jpg

 photo DSC09616.jpg

 photo DSC09605.jpg

 photo DSC09597.jpg

While i would loved to have stayed longer, other commitments (and a quickly greying sky) on a Sunday morning meant i had to make my leave early. Here’s to more BMW meets happening and maybe one day, we will be able to bring back the crazy meetup numbers once again!


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