Project 944: Getting on

It’s been a short while since i last updated on Project 944 and this blog in general, so i guess it’s about time to type away on this keyboard of mine. In truth, there’s nothing too horribly exciting to mention other than a lovely bunch of stamps arriving from Germany (you can see it in the above cover picture).

 photo IMG-20160518-WA0000.jpg

Speaking of which, brings me to those 2 beautifully milled pieces of metal that have arrived all the way from the other side of the globe. All because the shocks i received are not meant for the car. Not entirely the fault of the local distributor as it was Bilstein HQ in Germany which made the cock up. It seems their shock inserts will only work with an earlier shock mount design with screw-on top caps, these were present on 944s built before 1986, all N/As. Cars after 1986 later came with fully sealed shock mounts but somehow, Bilstein still included these later cars into their fitment list.

To be honest, if i knew it was going to be so much trouble dealing with Bilsteins on the 951, i would have shelled out for KONIs earlier. But then my mechanic also believes Billys to be a step above KONIs quality-wise, so i guess what’s done is done and we should proceed to make the most of what we have.

Anyway, the maker of those milled sleeves you see above were not willing to ship anywhere outside of Germany, no one else makes them, so i hope you can sense my frustration at this point. So i did what any sane person would do. Shout out for help on the internets, and a very very awesome gentleman by the name of Marcel Wolf on the Porsche 944 owners page responded, purchasing the very items i so needed and shipping them across the World. Thank you kind sir!

Those sleeves will be welded onto the current shock mounts we have (after sawing off the tops) and with the sleeves fitted, the Bilsteins inserts will then be able to go in. You can click here to watch what is involved in this video. The local Bilstein distributor Race Flow International has offered to help out on the cost of the customisation work involved, so a big Thank you to them as well.

 photo DSC_0592e.jpg

On the same day, another shipment from Pelican parts arrived. A set of brand new exhaust valves and a set of brand new under bonnet insulation pads. A slight delay pushed back delivery by a week but i’m just happy the parts arrived.

 photo WhatsApp-Image-20160505 copy.jpg

You can see one of the old exhaust valves has a bad pit (hole), which caused a bad compression reading when we tested it the first time we got the car. Since the cost of shipping 1 valve or 4 valves was pretty much the same and because the engine was all opened up, i figured we might as well replace all of them.

 photo DSC_0552.jpg

 photo DSC_0560 copy.jpg

That’s where the new valves will go!

 photo DSC_0547.jpg

 photo DSC_0551.jpg

Most of the other chassis replacement parts have gone into the car sans the front shocks.

 photo DSC_0555.jpg

With pretty much all the engine parts needed already purchased and landed, R2D reckons it should take about a month to get the car out and ready for paint at Revol. Yes, we have pretty much blew the budget already so here’s hoping everything goes smoothly from now on.

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