Project 944: it’s a wrap! (not really)

No, the project isn’t finished, quite the opposite, the car is still in pieces and another order of parts just arrived (a much smaller order thankfully). BUT, the dashboard vinyl re-wrap has just been done, collected and delivered from the upholsterer, 8cushion, back to R2D. It looks good and i’m pretty pleased with the end result. What i’m most pleased with though is the price point of this work done. The initial quote was a cool S$900 (still one of the best prices around after calling up around 5 shops), but in the end, the price was revised to S$700 upon collection.

 photo DSC_0537.jpg

Don’t mind the specks of dust.

 photo DSC_0538.jpg

 photo DSC_0536.jpg

It remains to be seen how the dashboard holds up after it’s back in the car and that is something i can’t wait to see as well.

 photo DSC_0535.jpg

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