One Off: Autoart’s 1/18 BMW E21 323i

While many might rightfully argue that Autoart’s E21 323i isn’t exactly a off-off model, the one i have definitely is. It was (painstakingly) custom sharpie drawn on by my ex-colleagues as a gift for me when i left Nokomai, a creative agency which i’ve since returned to. The colleague who worked on it the most had since left the agency as well. I think i must have had this model for probably 8 or more years already and all this time, i’ve never really taken the time to shoot some pictures of it. Until now of course.

 photo DSC09442.jpg

 photo DSC09469.jpg

 photo DSC09449.jpg

 photo DSC09459.jpg

 photo DSC09462.jpg

I really do love how after all these years, i can still find interesting new bits in the artwork which i never noticed before. A BMW E21 323i might not be the most “exotic” car out there even in the World of 1/18s, I do think that the 70s’ness of this car also really gels with the artwork. It would probably not look quite as good on a more modern BMW. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at it as much as i do.

 photo DSC09470.jpg

 photo DSC09482.jpg

 photo DSC09487.jpg

 photo DSC09485.jpg

 photo DSC09493.jpg

 photo DSC09494.jpg

 photo DSC09496.jpg

 photo DSC09466.jpg

 photo DSC09503.jpg

Looking beyond the lovely hand drawn graphics, Autoart’s attention to detail once again shines through even on a model that’s close to a decade old. There might be some bits of dust here and there but it has really withstood the test of time, especially so as i do not keep my cars in boxes and have them on display most of the time. Will the Autoarts of today have the same quality of finish? At their present price points, one should very much hope so!

 photo DSC09501.jpg

With the current acquisition of sealed resin cars, it’s quite refreshing to go back to a full metal diecast with opening parts.

 photo DSC09511.jpg

This is my Autoart E21. There are many like it, but this one is mine. A special one-off i will always keep in my collection.

 photo DSC09476.jpg

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