Project 944: Rebuild or bust

So it seems that 3 months into Project 944, we have pretty much busted our budget for the build. Turns out, this is a much more major rebuild process than i initially imagined. (You can see this car’s original guards red paint in the above pic!)

 photo DSC_0463.jpg

After much frustration and heartache and not much joy, the car is still mostly in pieces, parts from the first list are still arriving and a 2nd list of parts to buy was just recently cleared. Now with a much lighter wallet, we hope there won’t be a 3rd list of parts to procure.

 photo DSC_0460.jpg

The dashboard has also been removed and a trip to the upholstery shop is in order. (What’d i say about busting the budget eh?)

 photo DSC_0457.jpg

 photo fea4a26c-8bba-4252-af39-83e829a0b156.jpg

 photo 7e2499c3-a700-4422-8230-708a17a44fae.jpg

 photo 7ad7af7e-b7a0-4860-81f4-a03110e52488.jpg

As you can see, the engine has been removed and has been stripped out. The following pictures show pretty much what needs to be replaced. (Items added to the 2nd list of parts to buy)

 photo a8af4179-fba8-4ef6-9895-ff4cf6a0f493.jpg

 photo 8bf11daf-bc3b-470a-8f93-611b80548c00.jpg

 photo 3e4052f0-47df-41ee-a9ea-782672d0db1c.jpg

 photo 8bf11daf-bc3b-470a-8f93-611b80548c00.jpg

 photo ba14c925-e2e7-4ad6-bcc3-5de6564bd5d2.jpg

 photo d5b53482-35ec-46c4-86bb-c49943b46545.jpg

It’s going to be tough going and hopefully they will be some light at the end of this tunnel.

The wallet busting hit-list:

Front / Rear brake pads / Brake pad sensors
Suspension – Shocks
Suspension – Springs
Suspension mount upper (x2)
Suspension – Torsion bar (Stock 23.5)
Front lower arms
Front lower arm ball castor block mount
Front lower arm ball joints
Front / Rear anti roll bar end links
Steering tie rods / tie rod ends
Tie rod / sway bar bushings
Gearbox shift lever seal
Gearbox mount
Engine mounts
Rear axle / output shafts + CV joints
Rear axle hub bearings (x2)
Front wheel bearings
Rear arm bush
Rear anti roll bar bushings
Rear drop links

Radiator hose kit
Condenser coil / Dryer
Bonnet struts
Water pump kit
Head gasket set
Throttle cable
Clutch presssure plate
Intercooler pipes
Oil pan sump gasket
Oil Cooler seal kit
Fuel pump
Fuel filter kit
Brake lines Stainless Steel

Body / Exterior:
Rear spoiler (3pc)
Rear hatch seal
Front indicator lights
Front foglamps
Side mouldings set
Headlight washer nozzles
Sunroof seals
Flag mirrors
Porsche emblem
Rear wiper delete
Front nose panel
Wiper blades (x2)
Rear hatch lock seal

Interior bits:
Center console Black
Center console arm rest box cover
Rear hatch release motor
Dashboard trim clock surround
Dash trims (front)
Dash trim (sides)
Rear hatch release cables
Door handles
Sun visors (black)
Interior light
Sunroof latches (2pc)
Sunroof wind deflector
Sunroof wind deflector hinges
Sunroof lining
Window switch panels (left/right)
Original Porsche door speaker covers
Original Porsche door speakers
Rear view mirror
Sun visor clips
Seat release latch (1x)
Door handle outer seal kit
Gear shift pattern
Gear shift inner rubber boot
Gear shift repair kit
Hood release kit
Gear shift leather cover

Parts list 2:
Short Shift Kit / linkage
Oil Filter x 2
Parking brake shoe set
Brake booster – ATE
Brake master cylinder – ATE
Brake disc front pair – Sebro
Brake disc rear pair – Meyle
ARB Bushing x2 (needed 4, only ordered 2 previously, so have to reorder)
Power steering supply hose
Clutch master cylinder
Clutch slave pump
Clutch hoses (master to slave)
Clutch hoses (tank/reservoir to master)
Coolant pipes (Radiator water tube-gooseneck)
Coolant pipes (Gooseneck elbow pipe)
Coolant pipes (Water distribution tube)
Oil seperator AOS
Oil seperator hoses
Coolant return hose
Bonnet latch/cable

Aesthetics to be done:
Body respray, retrim dash/seats, tires / wheels refurb, front windscreen replacement,
rear glass hatch repair

Extras i’m hoping to get:


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