Project 944: Picking up the pieces

With the Chinese New Year holidays over, it’s time to pick up where we left off, project 944’s getting stripped down and unfortunately, things are not really great at the moment.

 photo DSC_0304_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0316.jpg

 photo DSC_0306.jpg

Apart from some of my previous purchases being still unfortunately stuck on the other side of Earth due to some slight shipping hiccups, a second list of parts is now currently being drafted out.

A compression check on the engine also showed low compression of cylinders 3 and 4, so it’s pretty much official that our budget has gone out the window.

 photo DSC_0310_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0312_1.jpg

I also spotted bits of rot on the lower panels. Hopefully its not too serious and won’t cost too much to rectify.

 photo DSC_0315.jpg

Some of the stuff that were removed from the car, considering it can only be fitted with the ugly oversized front panel, i’m guessing the intercooler is a Lindsey Racing Stage V. Though currently discontinued, i think they used to sell these brand new for US$1,000. Crazy.

 photo DSC_0307.jpg

On a lighter note, the turbo seems to spin smoothy. Aaaaand i just won a lucky draw competition for a brand new set of Bridgestone Turanza GR-100 tyres! Having JUST swapped out tyres on all 3 of our cars only a couple of months back (Goodyear Assymetric 2s on Project 944), maybe i’ll try selling the Bridgestones to get some additional funding for parts, any extra bit of $$$ helps!

 photo DSC_0309.jpg

Hopefully the next time i see Project 944, there will be more uplifting news and more to look at.

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