Cars & Kopi – Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

It’s that time of the year once again, where we dust off our houses, visit our friends and relatives and stuff our tummies full of delicious food. It is also the time to hold another Chinese New Year Edition of Cars & Kopi! It didn’t seem that long ago when we first had our CNY meet, time sure flew for most of the previous year and our little Cars & Kopi meet sure has grown! We even managed to get ourselves featured on Petrolicious as well as various other publications and automotive sites like Burnpavement and MatCanyon. As well as a short quip on Augustman! I think our plucky little meet has done good so far.

This time round i did up a little piece of artwork for the event and made a few prints to giveaway.

 photo CnK_Cny.jpg

I also brought Chiro our lowered dog along, but he was more interested in plants.

 photo DSC08144.jpg

Reaching the venue slightly earlier, i thought they would be plenty of parking spots available, but turned out there were already quite a number of cars in the carpark! Like this fleet of Saabs all nicely lined up.

 photo DSC07985.jpg

Cars & Kopi veterans.

 photo DSC07992.jpg

 photo DSC07961.jpg

Chris’ beautiful Soul Olive.

 photo DSC08083.jpg

 photo DSC08067.jpg

As these EVOs start getting on in age, we see more and more stock standard examples being appreciated for what they are. This one was immaculate.

 photo DSC07955.jpg

 photo DSC07956.jpg

 photo DSC07977.jpg

Another unmolested EVO, this time in red.

 photo DSC08072.jpg

 photo DSC08079.jpg

The Japanese battalion were out in brute force this time!

 photo DSC07996.jpg

 photo DSC08088.jpg

 photo DSC08104.jpg

 photo DSC07981.jpg

 photo DSC08015.jpg

I quite like this S13

 photo DSC08011.jpg

 photo DSC07999.jpg

Nissan rear ends

 photo DSC08005.jpg

A few Toyobarus showed up too!

 photo DSC08100.jpg

More JDM metal

 photo DSC08103.jpg

Probably the last Legacy Turbo on our litle island.

 photo DSC08191.jpg

Lovely shiro pairing

 photo DSC08195.jpg

Of course, even though there were many many Japanese cars around, Ze Germans were once again not to be outdone. We even managed to have a small selection of BMWs once again!

 photo DSC07965.jpg

How do you like your 1Ms?

 photo DSC07972.jpg

Well done E30!

 photo DSC08090.jpg

 photo DSC08094.jpg

Giselle34 has a new friend. (Also, our first Cars & Kopi lady driver attendee!)

 photo DSC08085.jpg

If only our old E30 was still around to see this.

 photo DSC08150.jpg

 photo DSC08167.jpg

The Z4M, a true modern classic.

 photo DSC08145.jpg

This generation of CEs have always looked good to me. Simple clean lines.

 photo DSC08069.jpg

But this SE cabriolet was my personal highlight for the morning. Much beauty, such elegance!

 photo DSC08156.jpg

 photo DSC08157.jpg

 photo DSC08162.jpg

And as always, the Porsche posse once again had a great showing.

 photo DSC08012.jpg

Maybe one day a strange 944 can join in the fun?

 photo DSC08022.jpg

 photo DSC08027.jpg

Sneaky M4 hiding inside.

 photo DSC08024.jpg

 photo DSC08051.jpg

 photo DSC08031.jpg

Chiro eventually found a car he liked, he has expensive taste.

 photo DSC08043.jpg

 photo DSC08120.jpg

German car, German doggie. Some say the term “Hot Dog” came from the Dachshund.

 photo DSC08125.jpg

Air-cooled or Water-cooled?

 photo DSC08116.jpg

 photo DSC08109.jpg

Beautiful RS spec 993.

 photo DSC08123.jpg

 photo DSC08184.jpg

This blue/gold resto-mod was stunning, love those wheels.

 photo DSC_0273.jpg

996s are now started to get their long overdue appreciation too! Which is good news for owners, bad news for those like me who have to stand at the sides and watch prices creep up.

 photo DSC08133.jpg

This new new Beetle had a sweet set of Enkei RS05s.

 photo DSC08131.jpg

And neighbours from Ingolstadt.

 photo DSC08179.jpg

 photo DSC08190.jpg

Fiery little Fiat 850 Abarth was small in size but she was a screamer!

 photo DSC08053.jpg

 photo DSC08059.jpg

 photo DSC08057.jpg

The Alfa boys were not around but this beautiful little Spider showed up. What a lovely shape.

 photo DSC08170.jpg

There were also a few Brits hanging around.

 photo DSC08176.jpg

 photo DSC08101.jpg

 photo DSC08105.jpg

This Capri is in need of some TLC!

 photo DSC08138.jpg

Here’s our parting shot! Diversity not adversity!

 photo DSC08172.jpg


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