Project 944: Mellow Yellow

Due to a check engine light showing up on our daily driver 1-Series, we had to drop by the workshop once again. Since we were there, i took some extra pics of our project 944, while nothing has been done so far due to an impending long weekend holiday, i at least got to see what the car looks like with the wheels mounted on.

 photo DSC_0214_1.jpg

Above is pretty much all the parts that have arrived for the rebuild. Hopefully nothing much else is needed or the budget is gonna blow.

 photo DSC_0217_1.jpg

Sitting under that pile of dust is a Porsche 944 Turbo. Quite cool to see what a difference a refreshed set of wheels made to the overall appearance of the car.

 photo DSC_0210_1.jpg

The plan is the repaint it in black after everything is done. Here’s a simple photochop.

 photo DSC_0210_2.jpg

 photo DSC_0218_1.jpg

Not quite there yet… We hope our car can at least make a tiny smidge more power than stock. Hopefully some work can start once the holidays are over.


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