Project 944: Wheels & Tyres

Just a week ago, the wheels of Project 944 were removed and sent to the paint shop. Today, it’s time to collect them and get new rubber fitted before we deliver them back to R2D once again.

When we first delivered them to our favorite body/paint shop, Revol, we discovered that not only were the centers in need of a new coat of paint, but the inner barrels we all badly pitted and corroded. So the decision was made to paint them as well.

 photo DSC07760.jpg

 photo 91c1c555-6aa2-462f-ab6c-2210c361e5f6.jpeg

And after much color scrutinizing over coffee, we finally chose to go with Porsche Seal Grey Metallic. Color code 6B5.

After a week in the paint shop, here’s the wheels now.

 photo DSC_0189.jpg

 photo DSC_0183.jpg

Not to shabby eh? Revol does some great paint. Unfortunately, having chrome outer lips did mean that nothing much could be done to fix up the kerb marks and scuffs introduced by our 944’s previous owners. Perhaps a wheel rim protector might work to hide the blemishes, but we’ll leave that to a much later stage of the rebuild.

 photo DSC_0181.jpg

With the rims collected, it was time to hit the tire shop and get some rubber fitted.

 photo DSC_0190.jpg

Having tried them out on our 1-Series (seen in our pictures undergoing cargo hauling duties), we selected to go with Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 2 tires once again. Interestingly, even though i intentionally went 1 size down all around, the tires still look rather chunky. Maybe i should have gone 2 or 3 sizes down. I was hoping for a very very slight stretch. Oh well.

 photo _20160130_175530.jpg

Wheels loaded back onto our 1-er it was time to head back to R2D.

 photo DSC_0196.jpg

We also took the opportunity to deliver the rest of the parts arrived over the course of the week. It’s quite amazing the amount of cargo you can squeeze into a 1-Series.

 photo DSC_0198.jpg

My initial worries on how the wheels will look with Seal Grey centres were for naught as i think they look rather fab. Not as dark as i’d imagined and not as light as most silvers.

 photo DSC_0200_1.jpg

Stancenation bro! (more like Paris Dakar…) With the wheels and all parts delivered, Project 944 will soon be wheeled into the workshop where the real work will now commence… *Sponsors welcomed*


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