Yokohama HotRod Custom Show 2015 Part 5: Hi-Fence Car Club

Judging by all the internet comments and interests shown, it seemed the cars from Hi-Fence club were not just my personal favourites of the Custom Show. While the event showcased plenty of American iron, the guys from Hi-Fence have brought along cars with German and Japanese origins instead. 2 Porsches, a Toyota and a Nissan/Datsun. All good looking.

 photo DSC06856.jpg

Soaring values of 356s Worldwide has not done anything to discourage the owner of the 356 from having some custom fun with his car. Slammed on some slightly widened steelies and sporting plenty of patina. It does have a hint of a Salt-flat racer to it too. The builders from Stonewall Racing have made a rather different car when compared with most contemporary Porsche builds out there. It even picked up an award for being “Cool”.

 photo DSC06866.jpg

 photo DSC06848.jpg

Wheels all happily tucked in!

 photo DSC06891.jpg

I found myself going back to the 356 just to take in each and every angle. I love it and i love how it looks like something that doesn’t just get babied in a garage.

 photo DSC06897.jpg

Another stunning Porsche, this time a 914, also gorgeous. Love the stance and the styling.

 photo DSC06885.jpg

Hi-Fence’s Nissan/Datsun Sunny and Toyota Corolla combo, both done up in period correct American-style custom aesthetics. These 2 cars really shows that you can have fun with any car.

 photo DSC06873.jpg

 photo DSC06869.jpg

 photo DSC06872.jpg

Sunny picked up the “Best Japanese Car” award too!

 photo DSC06878.jpg

I personally preferred the cleaner looking Toyota. No crazy bagged stance, stretched tyres or onikyan (devil camber) for the Hi-Fencers. Just clean and simple details which totally transform the aesthetics of their cars.

 photo DSC06859.jpg

With this last parting shot of the Hi-Fence Porsche duo, we have come to the end of our 2015 Yokohama HotRod Custom Show coverage. I wish we had more time to go into the details of so many cars on the show floor but i guess that will be for another year. Here’s hoping we’ll be back for the 2016 (or 2017) edition!!!

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