Yokohama HotRod Custom Show 2015 Part 4: The Oddballs and everything else

As we start to wrap up our coverage of the 2015 Yokohama HotRod Custom show, here are some of the other sights that i’d like to share.

 photo DSC06455.jpg

How’s this for another approach to the pickup? The Mazda Repu, the World’s first and only Wankel-engined pickup truck. Unfortunately, Mazda released it in the middle of the energy crisis and as such, wasn’t a sales success. Which effectively means that today, these little trucks are highly sought after by enthusiasts around the World. This example was beautifully mint with a matching build-year plate! Most are actually still residing in the US, which could be where the owner of this example imported it from (LHD) and explains the plate holder detail.

 photo DSC07041.jpg

 photo DSC07038.jpg

A custom Shooting brake-esque build which puts together the best parts of the Bluebird/510 Coupe and Wagon, looks so good you wonder why it never came from the factory like that. Nice touch on the Datsun badge to reflect it’s Cali themed look.

 photo DSC07031.jpg

 photo DSC07045.jpg

One of my personal favourites. Old school Toyota/Toyopet Crowns. This here is a RS41, also beautifully rebuilt and looking splendid. Make mine a wagon.

 photo DSC07048.jpg

So so clean. These are smaller in real life than photos suggest, fine by me of course.

 photo DSC07059.jpg

 photo DSC07068.jpg

While this might not turn many heads at first glance, this 1981 Honda Accord LX sure has the credentials to back up why it’s on display.  Check out that spec-sheet below!

 photo DSC07066.jpg

Like it says, this is a REAL SURVIVOR!

 photo DSC07060.jpg

Full original interior still looking fresh. Interestingly, this Accord shares the same birth year as me, sadly, i think the car has aged better.

 photo DSC06825.jpg

Check out this unassuming little one in the middle of its build. That is, unassuming until you spot what it’s packing underneath its rear wheel arches!

 photo DSC06829.jpg

We have no idea what the builders have in mind for the car, but we’re guessing with wheels that big, it’s gonna be packing some heat!

 photo DSC07011.jpg

Sure to divide opinion, a USDM/retro take on the Honda Odyssey.

 photo DSC06999.jpg

While the Odyssey might divide opinion, another slammed Honda nearby was sure to start some internet arguments.

 photo DSC06153.jpg

While there were plenty of things to buy when the show starts, they don’t stay on sale for long as show goers snap up these goodies really quick! I was thinking of grabbing something on the way out but big mistake, everything was gone by then. Much sadness ensues.

 photo DSC06256.jpg

 photo DSC06265.jpg

There was plenty of memorabilia on sale by various vendors too. I should have picked up a snoopy or Sylvester here too.

 photo DSC06278.jpg

Daruma Power! Celica graphic found on a T-shirt. This booth also had Classic Toyota Crown T-shirts, i wanted to grab one but after walking the entire event hall, i totally forgot. Yes, another regret.

 photo DSC06292.jpg

Wasn’t too keen on Pomade though.

 photo DSC06257.jpg

For those who want the badass look just for the weekend, airbrush tattoo services we readily available.

 photo DSC06259.jpg

I had to take a closer look.

 photo DSC07132.jpg

Mooneyes’ master pin-striper at work. Steady hands.

 photo DSC06271.jpg

 photo DSC06275.jpg

For artwork on a more traditional canvas there were some painters on hand displaying their work. Really well done.

 photo DSC06261.jpg

 photo DSC06671.jpg

 photo DSC06674.jpg

 photo DSC06680.jpg

I’ve not much knowledge on bikes but there were many many on display, all built to an amazingly high standard. Even BMW Japan brought along a few to showcase. It’s always great to see a manufacturer pay attention to their fan base.

 photo DSC06281.jpg

 photo DSC06284.jpg

 photo DSC06283.jpg

Plenty of custom bicycles as well! These i liked alot.

 photo DSC06936.jpg

And yes, there were plenty of air-cooled bugs to go around.

 photo DSC06956.jpg

 photo DSC06942.jpg

 photo DSC06927.jpg

Beautiful Karmann Ghia, perfect stance.

 photo DSC07027.jpg

Just imagine all the work that goes behind each of these vans.

 photo DSC07013.jpg

One part Mystery Wagon, one part boom-chika-bow-wow. All with top-notch amazing build quality. Insane.

 photo DSC07016.jpg

And i’ll leave you with a Go-kart van!

 photo DSC07020.jpg

Overall, it was a fantabulous show that while no where near the scale of something like the Tokyo Auto Salon, definitely has its own charm and with such a lively and enthusiastic group of participants and show-goers, makes for one of the most interesting automotive events i’ve ever been to. Having it held during Christmas season in Tokyo also made for a very memorable end of year holiday. I’ll love to go back!

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