Yokohama HotRod Custom Show 2015 Part 3: Kickin’ it Old Skool

With so many cars on show, it’d be easy to miss on what kick started the HotRod culture, some proper old school Rod builds. Unfortunately, with my tight schedule, i couldn’t spend as much time oogling over each car as much as i would have liked and that also sadly means, i did not get to document as many of these wonderfully and often, insanely build rides.

 photo DSC07107.jpg

Crazy was the word that kept popping up in my mind with every car i look at. The attention to detail, the quality of the builds and the sheer badassery of every HotRod on the showfloor kept my jaw dragging on the floor for most part of my journey through the event hall.

 photo DSC06919.jpg

Check out the street registration plates.

 photo DSC06932.jpg

I really love this old pickup. One of my favorites of the show.

 photo DSC06966.jpg

Drag queen?

 photo DSC06975.jpg

Slightly milder build but still so much presence and attitude.

 photo DSC06908.jpg

Insane Beetle Rat Rod.

 photo DSC07006.jpg

 photo DSC07002.jpg

So good.

 photo DSC07092.jpg

How do you like your Rods?

 photo DSC06903.jpg

 photo DSC06902.jpg

How it all began…

 photo DSC06988.jpg

 photo DSC06983.jpg

 photo DSC06992.jpg

 photo DSC06987.jpg

Proving size doesn’t matter. If your kid has one of these, he will rule the playschool streets!

 photo DSC07127.jpg

Signing off for now (until Part 4), here’s another look at the two Ratrods from our opening image.

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