Yokohama HotRod Custom Show 2015 Part 2: Power Play

For those who found the first part of our Yokohama HotRod Custom Show coverage to be slightly too blingy, we think you might like what we have in Part 2.

 photo DSC06815.jpg

You can’t have a Mooneyes show without some proper American Muscle cars so there were plenty to see here. Like this stunning Dodge Super Bee.

 photo DSC06801.jpg

Another car with cool illustrations attached to their name, the Plymouth Road Runner.

 photo DSC06744.jpg

 photo DSC06749.jpg

When you have a Road Runner graphic tearing down the side of your car, you just know it’s gonna be fast.

 photo DSC06492.jpg

 photo DSC06483.jpg

Those Hoosiers say it all.

 photo DSC06478.jpg

 photo DSC06705.jpg

 photo DSC06698.jpg

Just imagine this rolling down the streets of Japan.

 photo DSC06522.jpg

Guess Dominic Toretto wasn’t around.

 photo DSC06761.jpg

 photo DSC06694.jpg

Cars from this era just had the best names.

 photo DSC06731.jpg

 photo DSC06734.jpg

In another life, i’d be rocking one of these in my garage. Or maybe a Road Runner… Or maybe a Super Bee… Let’s make it a Road Runner. Imagine firing one of them up in the morning. Don’t think my neighbors will like me much.

 photo DSC06688.jpg

Grumpy sure had a sweet toy collection.

 photo DSC06570.jpg

Don’t bug Ted.

 photo DSC06689.jpg

Very clean Impala.

 photo DSC06728.jpg

Green Hornet themed Chrysler Imperial.

 photo DSC06716.jpg

 photo DSC06711.jpg

Some participants definitely had more fun than others!

 photo DSC06184.jpg

This year’s show also had a spotlight on the Chevy Camaro, aptly named, Camaro A-go-go. With special emphasis on the first generation cars from 1967-1969.

 photo DSC06179.jpg

Interestingly, there were more ladies into cars here than at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

 photo DSC06473.jpg

 photo DSC06515.jpg

 photo DSC06536.jpg

There were plenty of Camaros on show, with different styles and levels of builds all on display.

 photo DSC06555.jpg

 photo DSC06552.jpg

From modern builds with big wheel arch filling rims…

 photo DSC06589.jpg

…to cars that just looked like they drove straight to the show floor with nary a care in the World. All with big attitude.

 photo DSC06598.jpg

 photo DSC06517.jpg

Looked like the real deal.

 photo DSC06722.jpg

Another Chevy but this time, a Corvette. Looked like it might be fast.

 photo DSC07064.jpg

 photo DSC07087.jpg

 photo DSC07071.jpg

Penned in Italy by an American and powered by Detroit. This Detomaso also has one of the most Rock & Roll names in automotive history, the Pantera. Start her up and listen to the song of my people!

 photo DSC07097.jpg

Let me end with this immaculately rebuilt Corvette Stingray. Car design back in that era was really at (or close to) its peak. Beautiful.


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