Tokyo Food-Otaku: For the love of beef, Steak House Satou & Blacows

 photo DSC06095.jpg

After an entire morning worth of touring around the fantastic and lovely Ghibli Museum (well worth visiting if you can get hold of the tickets), we trekked through Inokashira park on our way to meet this holiday’s Meat of destiny, Matsusaka beef in Steak House Satou!

 photo DSC_0289.jpg

 photo DSC_0288.jpg

Though the park was especially beautiful at this time of the year, we were on a mission and so had to give up this small bit of sightseeing.

 photo DSC_0305_1.jpg

A short nine minutes (yes i timed the walk) later, we were here, Steak House Satou. A humble double storey establishment with the restaurant on the second level and a butchery on the ground floor. A long queue can be seen formed right outside but this queue was really for their fried beef balls sold from the butchery. We didn’t get to try any but they looked great.

Onto the main event and up the stairs we go! Or at least we tried going up, turns out there really was a short wait for the restaurant lining the narrow steps up. No bother, as the wait was less than half an hour.

Unlike many big chain steak houses and restaurants, Steak House Satou is not exactly big in size and seats are set quite close together. But then, this is Tokyo and with some top quality meat on the menu, all is forgiven.

 photo DSC06115.jpg

Having traveled all the way here, i opted for the Matsusaka. The price tag was on the high side when you consider the rest of the items on the menu, but such is the price of a happy meaty indulgence. I’m also pretty sure that something similar will cost me twice as much back in Singapore, so why not?

For those ordering the Matsusaka, the chef will first run down the stairs to fetch the prized meat and present it to you before it hits the Teppan-yaki grill. (You will also get a fancier looking salad on a fancier looking plate.)

 photo DSC06125.jpg

 photo DSC06119.jpg

The term “melt in your mouth” has often been used but that really is the best way to describe the experience on chow down. The moment all those marbled fats ooze out their juicy flavor is truly memorable. A return visit will be in order.

 photo DSC_0298.jpg

Just before we left, i picked up an additional two slabs of Matsusaka for a BBQ back home. At just slightly over ¥8,000 for both, it was in my mind at least, incredible value!

 photo DSC_0311.jpg

With one of our previous days ending up as a day of Katsu, today it seemed, was to be a day of beef as we headed over to Blacows (once again) for dinner. We did walk past a very interesting looking Izakaya on our way but perhaps we will leave it for another time.

 photo DSC_0319.jpg

We earlier missed out on the fried beef balls at Satou, so decided to add it to our dinner table. Turned out they were really good! If those at Satou can better what is served at Blacows, we will be sure to pick some up next time!

 photo DSC_0322.jpg

On my previous trips, i had ordered with a bit of caution, going for the “safer” choices, a Cheeseburger the first time and an Avacado Cheeseburger the next. This time i tried to go bigger, an Avacado Bacon Cheeseburger. Once again Blacows delivered the goods. Another fantastic burger, but i think the addition of those generous slices of bacon sort of masked the flavor of the beef patty, which in my opinion at least, is the highlight of their burgers. I’ll go back to an Avacado Cheese next time.

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