Tokyo Food-Otaku: Familiar locales, Ivy’s Place, The Roastery And Bear Pond

I’d like to think, part of the charm of Tokyo is that because the city is such a vast metropolis, there are always interesting new places to discover, explore and taste! But sometimes, there are just some places which have charmed us so much that we make it a point to drop by whenever we land in Tokyo. Rokurinsha ramen in Tokyo station is one of these places but there is only so much ramen one can write about. (Best thing in the World after a red-eye flight though!)

 photo DSC_0372.jpg

I had previously written about the cars spotted in Daikanyama T-site but cars are not the only reason why we return to T-site. If you are a doggy person and don’t mind having a rather tasty breakfast or brunch with an occasional pooch sitting alongside your table, you cannot go wrong with Ivy’s Place.

 photo DSC_0328.jpg

The food is excellent, the outdoor seats are lovely (especially in the right weather), and the coffee is from Tokyo’s highly regarded Nozy Coffee. On my previous visits, i had their pancakes which were great but might be a tad much on the serving portion.

 photo DSC_0331.jpg

This time i opted for their Eggs Benedict and they were fantastic! I know some people out there might label this dish as a tad pretentious (can’t blame them really, with so many cafes serving rather sub-standard but still pricey variants of this dish nowadays), but really, those that i had here were hands down the best ever. Simply because they replaced the boring old english muffin base with a buttermilk biscuit. I LOVE ME SOME BUTTERMILK BISCUITS! Break those egg yolks and scoop them up with some tasty buttermilk biscuits! Happy tummy indeed.

 photo DSC_0330.jpg

And then Jamie’s order (Vegetable curry and poached eggs over rice and nan) arrived and immediately, food envy started creeping in. It looked really good and tasted even better. Seriously if more vegetarian food tasted like this, going vege-only might not be so bad. Everything here was just right.

I will be back again Ivy, i will be back! Do take note that Ivy’s place does get crowded later on in the day and long waiting times are not unheard of, so it is best to arrive early. We reached around 8 in the morning and had no problems getting a nice outdoor table.

 photo DSC_0104.jpg

Unlike Ivy’s Place. The Roastery is at once familiar and not at the same time. Mainly because it is a place i had always walked by on my previous visits since my Airbnb apartment was less than a minute away, i must have gone by this place more than a dozen times but never stepped inside. This time though, with some time on our hands, we stopped by for a cuppa in the morning.

 photo DSC06056.jpg

 photo _20151204_112004.jpg

With beans also provided by Nozy, our morning brew was quite enjoyable but since i’m not an expert in the art of drinking coffee, there is really no point elaborating. Service is friendly and we also observed a crowd here towards the late afternoons so they must be doing something right!

 photo _20151204_160154.jpg

Over in Shimokitazawa, we once again popped into the Bear Pond for what we consider the best Tokyo coffee we have tasted so far. I love looking at the flowers on sale during Winter season. So colorful!

 photo DSC_0149.jpg

There was an art gallery just opposite the cafe, i didn’t go in.

 photo DSC_0156.jpg

It was a somewhat quiet day here so we got to relax a little while Tanaka-san and his wife chatted among themselves. I had a Christmas Ginger cappuccino special and Jamie had a dirty. Unfortunately we got there slightly after 1pm so no espressos anymore. Maybe next time. With some Bear Pond beans packed into our bags, we said our goodbyes. Till next time!

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