Cars & Kopi – Last of 2015

What a year it has been! Trips to Japan, moving out to my own place, the return of my E34 (+ a secret project car hidden away) and the amazing growth of Cars & Kopi! With the year now coming to an end, i guess it was fitting to hold another meet, cheekily named, “No Kopi (Coffee in Singapore speak) For Old Cars”.

 photo DSC07300.jpg

Turnout was still amazingly good considering the month of December is a time when most Singaporeans will be away with their families on holidays, so it was still pretty cool to see a nice variety of cars show up.

 photo DSC07372.jpg

1 of 1 in Singapore, the only Noble on our sunny island.

 photo DSC07307.jpg

Ze Germans are here!

 photo DSC07303.jpg

Chris’ immaculately rebuilt and freshly repainted Celica looking splendid.

 photo DSC07441.jpg

 photo DSC07444.jpg

Did we mention Chris has a brother with a TA22 as well? He has a brother with a TA22. Parked up next to our local drifter Benjamin Chiam’s Hachiroku.

 photo DSC07449.jpg

The earliest Hachirokus will be hitting the 35 year mark soon, wonder if any will be brought over as classic cars.

 photo DSC07313.jpg

 photo DSC07426.jpg

 photo DSC07465.jpg

Miata for everything!

 photo DSC07330.jpg

 photo DSC07320.jpg

The Subaru S204. Launched in Singapore with the strangest sales campaign ever. The car got more expensive as more got sold. I’m guessing it didn’t end well.

 photo DSC07325.jpg

 photo DSC07344.jpg

 photo DSC07335.jpg

Sleepers, a Mazda 6 MPS and a VW Passat R36. Lots of speed, none of the attention.

 photo DSC07499.jpg

Another Mazda, this time in the form of the Rotary-powered FC RX7. Lovingly resto modded back to life.

 photo DSC07490.jpg

 photo DSC07483.jpg

It looked like this meet belonged to the Japanese brigade.

 photo DSC07393.jpg

 photo DSC07389.jpg

A very good looking Ferrari Mondial, though my personal preference goes to the 308/328 from the same era.

 photo DSC07391.jpg

 photo DSC07468.jpg

 photo DSC07386.jpg

I had a thing for the Esprit when i was a kid but i much prefer the earlier more wedgy edgy versions. Or even the Mag-wheeled S1!

 photo DSC07487.jpg

Super 7 decked out for Christmas!

 photo DSC07479.jpg

Interesting scoop on this Elise.

 photo DSC07423.jpg

I had always wanted to take a closer look at this SLC. Perhaps next time.

 photo DSC07399.jpg

 photo DSC07412.jpg

There were some modern machinery present as well.

 photo DSC07435.jpg

 photo DSC07430.jpg

Something you’d rarely see in Singapore, a Chevy Impala. It was not in the best of shape but i’m guessing parts for these might be a little bit hard to come by here.

 photo DSC07407.jpg

Jaaaaag… Looks like a Series II with a Series III front. A big clue to spot the difference is the little opening in the windows just after the A-pillars. The Series II has them, the Series III does not. (Oops, another boo boo, turns out that yes, this is a Series II but the front is correct for the Daimler. My bad!)

Unfortunately, there were a number of other cars which turned up that i did not get to take pictures of due to the very glaring sun ruining most of the shots. So apologies for that.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Cars & Kopi so far. Here’s to 2015 and 2016!

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