Redux: Ignition Models’ 1/18 KPGC10 “Hakosuka” Skyline

There is a saying, “Once a die-caster, always a die-caster.” Actually, i totally made that up. But the truth is, the collecting of these little cars is an immensely addictive hobby. One that i thought i had given up many years ago only to succumb every now and then.

Occasionally giving in when i spy something of special significance or if i pick something up at an event like the Tokyo Auto Salon, you know, purely as a memento. But so far, i have managed to keep myself on the straight and narrow, that is until i spotted this beauty sitting in a display case in Shibuya’s Tokyu Hands.

 photo DSC05335.jpg

 photo DSC05370.jpg

I tried to pull myself away, maybe a Lancia Stratos Choro-Q instead? But no, i kept going back to this red number, there was also a black one running a set of Hayashis but the lines of the car were much too hidden when coated in black. I had to have the red Hakosuka, it just looked so special. A quick swipe of my card and i was ¥20,000 poorer but a happier man. Interestingly, i found out later that the ¥20,000 retail price tag wasn’t that bad as would have had to pay a bit more if i bought it back home, IF the store had one in stock of course. These little cars might not come with a “limited edition certificate” but i betcha they are made in even smaller numbers than anything that out with that piece of cardboard certificate.

 photo DSC05374.jpg

And so little red Hakosuka made it’s journey all the way from Tokyo to Singapore and on the shelf she sat until i recently opened up the box. Good golly it’s a gorgeous model.

 photo DSC05331.jpg

Beautiful (almost flawless) red paint and amazing detailing all around (Even the interior). I have had plenty of diecast over the years and this is one of those that sit up there with the best i have had. I know it’s not as exquisite as an Exoto or CMC but just the subject matter and how Ignition Models have approached and crafted this model really makes it stand out.

Being a resin model, it does not have opening parts, but other than that, everything else is just lovely. Even the make-believe shutlines which make do with thin stripes of black paint are convincing.

 photo DSC05360.jpg

 photo DSC05364.jpg

The pièce de résistance will of course have to be those wheels. Fully licensed fat Watanabes with stamped and marked Bridgestone Potenzas. Killer.

 photo DSC05355.jpg

Sat low down, Ignition Models’ tuner take on the classic cult Hakosuka is definitely the best of all 1/18 Hakos (Take that Kyosho/Autoart!). It just sits perfectly and everything is just spot-on.

 photo DSC05380.jpg

To be honest, i was still having reservations when i gave my card over to the ever so friendly clerk (who totally understood what “Hakosuka” meant), It’s been some time since i last dropped over SGD$200 on a model, but after spending hours just gazing at it. I’m so very much ready to grab more IG cars the next time i head up to Tokyo. Banzai!

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