Tokyo Auto-Otaku: Back Once Again

Over the weekend, we decided to take a short trip to Tokyo for some R&R and since we were there, i might as well indulge in a little bit of auto-spotting in one of the best places to be for Auto-Otakus. I say a only a “little bit” because doing geeky car stuff wasn’t really the focus of our trip, so for most part, my camera was neatly kept in the bag.

 photo DSC05163.jpg
Which of course meant, i missed out on some rather interesting sights, a couple of American Muscle cars, an entire convoy of neoned-out H2s cruising through Shibuya and a 240Z (with G-nose) blasting down the street outside Tsukiji market at full pelt, just to name a few. Gotta love Japan.

 photo DSC04660.jpg
Of course no trip to Tokyo would be complete without a visit to T-site, either to grab a cuppa at Ivy Place or to pick up some quality automotive literature. It also helped that we were staying in an AirBNB in the same neighourhood.

 photo DSC05149.jpg

 photo DSC05158.jpg

 photo DSC05160.jpg
Some cars parked up just outside our apartment(house actually). Nice Turbo Brick there.

 photo DSC05165.jpg
Walking through the neighbourhood, this Fiat 500 was sitting right where i saw it earlier in January.

 photo DSC04989.jpg
Over the T-site, there was no morning meet but because the carpark usually has some interesting rides, i snuck over while waiting for my breakfast to be ready.

 photo DSC04994.jpg

 photo DSC04999.jpg
A couple of Bug friends.

 photo DSC05012.jpg

 photo DSC05004.jpg
VW van. Don’t you love how clean they are?

 photo DSC05039.jpg
G-wagens seem to be everywhere in Tokyo.

 photo DSC05009.jpg
Something a little quicker than the VWs.

 photo DSC05011.jpg

 photo DSC05020.jpg

 photo DSC05052.jpg
And then this rolled in…

 photo DSC05041.jpg
…almost perfectly silent too, with only the whine of its electric motors propelling it about.

 photo DSC05083.jpg

 photo DSC05048.jpg
SUV stanced suspension settings. I guess raising the suspension all the way up does make for a much better commute. Sure saves the lovely carbon bits from getting any nasty scrapes.

 photo DSC05058.jpg

 photo DSC05059.jpg

 photo DSC05064.jpg

 photo DSC05065.jpg

 photo DSC05092.jpg

 photo DSC05088.jpg
An Aventador was also there but i’m not too big a fan of these. Maybe there are just too many in Singapore (with equally loud new-moneyed folk). At least this one was clean without any strange gaudy wraps.

 photo DSC05095.jpg
Lovely TE came in just before were headed off after breakfast. Brown TE FTW!

 photo DSC04646.jpg
Then there are also the cars that we CAN bring home. These were found over at the Tomica store in Tokyo station.

 photo DSC04644.jpg

 photo DSC04650.jpg

 photo DSC04952.jpg
And i eventually succumbed to a few Tomicas and very tasty 1/18 Hakosuka from Ignition Models at Tokyu Hands. Maybe i will do up a post on that model one day.


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