Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 美少女-Otaku Part 2

 photo DSC08400.jpg
Continuing where i last left off, here’s Part 2 of the 美少女-hunting exercise. A pair of lovely ladies caused quite a stir at the Lotus booth when they appeared. I was just walking by and decided to join in the melee.

 photo DSC08377.jpg

 photo DSC08382.jpg

 photo DSC08424.jpg

 photo DSC08417.jpg

 photo DSC08430.jpg

 photo DSC08421.jpg

 photo DSC08415.jpg

 photo DSC08767.jpg

 photo DSC07800.jpg

 photo DSC07767.jpg

 photo DSC08726.jpg

 photo DSC08347.jpg

 photo DSC08344.jpg
The various manufacturer booths also had their own “image” ladies.

 photo DSC08469.jpg

 photo DSC08472.jpg

 photo DSC08317.jpg

 photo DSC08309.jpg

 photo DSC08286.jpg

 photo DSC07578.jpg

 photo DSC09468.jpg

 photo DSC09341.jpg
My eyes are here!

 photo DSC07569.jpg

 photo DSC09216.jpg

 photo DSC09240.jpg

 photo DSC08656.jpg
If the ladies at the Lotus booth caused a stir, when the girls (and puppy mascot) from the Gotanya LED booth appeared, it was sheer pandemonium!!!

 photo DSC08686_1.jpg
No one paid attention to the puppy mascot when these two appeared though.

 photo DSC08697.jpg

 photo DSC08674.jpg

 photo DSC08668.jpg

 photo DSC08689.jpg
Truthfully, i was just hanging around the booth, away from these two vixens (you would too if you saw the wild crowd) when they both decided to make their way over to pretty much where i was standing. So snaps away and i got these shots!

 photo DSC08665.jpg

 photo DSC08672.jpg

 photo DSC08679.jpg

 photo DSC08659.jpg
Then they decided to turn around and perk up their bums.

 photo DSC08699.jpg

 photo DSC08678.jpg

 photo DSC08661.jpg
Last shot before i had to pretty much crawl out of the packed mosh pit.

 photo DSC08749.jpg

 photo DSC09456.jpg
Bunny teeth!

 photo DSC07679.jpg
She also happens to be the owner of that car.

 photo DSC07681.jpg
Morohoshi friends and family.

 photo DSC09676.jpg

 photo DSC09653.jpg

 photo DSC09719.jpg

 photo DSC09697.jpg

 photo DSC08239.jpg

 photo DSC08476.jpg

 photo P1190197.jpg

 photo DSC08302.jpg

 photo DSC09531.jpg

 photo DSC_0536.jpg

 photo DSC09626.jpg

 photo DSC07764.jpg
Hino’s display and shows were much more restrained compared with previous years.

 photo DSC07749.jpg

 photo DSC07753.jpg

 photo DSC07729.jpg

 photo DSC09741.jpg
They still managed to put on quite a number of shows. Watch one here »

 photo DSC07575.jpg
And with that, here’s hoping i’ll be there again!


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