Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 美少女-Otaku Part 1

Now that I have pretty much come to the end of my slowly ongoing update of this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, i guess it’s fitting that i end off with something i’m guessing some of you might enjoy. Granted, this wasn’t the main aim of my TAS trip (at least not this year!), but there’s no way anyone can walk through the halls of the Makuhari Messe without grabbing at least a couple of shots of some lovely “Image-girls”.

Truthfully speaking, i didn’t go all out 巨乳-hunting this time round in my attempt to cover as much of the event as possible, anyway, enough chatter, here goes…

The evening gown style always baffle me.

Yea yea, make love to the camera baby…

…but all i wanted was a smile.

IMO, this dreamy lass from Liberty Walk totally outshone all others. What a cutie!

Might as well, more pictures don’t hurt.

Here she is with a friend as seen in the opening picture.


Not the Image ladies but a bunch of super friendly sales staff from Liberty Walk.

Boxer beauties.

One last shot before they head off for their break.

The ladies at the Daihatsu Copen stand were all very sweet as well!


Lenovo duck-face.

Endless trio!


Not DJ Soda but she was happily bopping to her thumping tunes.


Some of them were hawking their Idoru DVDs. Buy and get autograph!

Others had performances on the spot! Not pictured as the massive massive crowds surrounding the event stage.

 photo DSC09015.jpg
Rosie Ly from Aust!

K-break had a strange arms-up pose thing going on…


And… Signing off for the weekend! Stay tuned for Part 2, you won’t want to miss it!!!

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