Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2015:Daikanyama T-site Morning Cruise

First off, apologies for the lack of updates for the past weeks, a home relocation and everything else that entailed meant i had to put off pretty much anything else unrelated on the back-burner. But this is one bit of my early 2015 Tokyo trip that i really really wanted to share. It was one of if not the biggest highlights of my trip, and i think having almost stumbled upon it unintentionally just made it so much better.

 photo DSC06456.jpg
Fatigue can do a lot of things, it makes you seriously drowsy, it can disrupt your orientation, and it can affect your memory. Which is why having spent 2 whole days trawling the vast expanses of the Makuhari Messe, i find myself standing in front of a closed Tsukiji Market after catching a 5am train. It was Sunday, and i forgot.

 photo P1190343.jpg
Those who have caught on will probably have realized that the market closes on Sundays, which means no happy yummy sushi breakfast for this poor sod. Dejected i darted into a less-than-stellar 24hr sushi chain restaurant to escape the cold.

Picking through the remains of my less-than-stellar meal, i remembered glancing through the Facebook pages of the Daikanyama Tsite store and with a still hazy mind, remembered that there might be a morning meet happening on that very day. Further investigation with my trusty phone confirmed it and not really expecting what to see, i paid up and headed back to the train station. Next stop, Daikanyama!

 photo P1190344.jpg

For a little background on Tsite, it essentially is the flagship branch of the Tsutaya bookstore chain located in the very trendy district of Daikanyama and while you might think it’s just heaven for hipsters and bookworms, Tsite also houses cafes, lifestyle shops and the Pièce De Résistance, an entire wing dedicated to all things automotive. (All things printed on paper at least).

 photo P1190352.jpg
Tsite is situated just a short walk away from Daikanyama station and with Google maps and some street signs to help out, i didn’t get too lost.

 photo P1190354.jpg
Along the way, spotted a Toyota Crown Comfort (usually a cab but this time, unusually converted to private ownership) sitting right next to a Flatnose 911. Only in Japan.

 photo P1190351.jpg
What’d i say about this neighbourhood being trendy eh? As i neared Tsite, not much effort was needed to find the parking area since all i really needed to do was follow the sounds of a multitude of engines humming away.

 photo P1190406.jpg
And as i arrived, i was greeted by a most glorious sight.

 photo DSC_0641.jpg
This is Cars & Coffee, Tokyo Style. They call it, “Morning Cruise”. I call it, unbelievable.

 photo P1190386.jpg
With so many lovely cars all around, where does one start when dropped into a meet like this? At the very beginning? Good idea. Still, i had to slowly drag my very excitable, hopping up and down body, towards the entrance of the carpark.

 photo P1190355.jpg

 photo P1190356.jpg
Where i finally set eyes on a Lamborghini Miura for the very first time, sitting in between a BMW Z8 (first time too!) and a Mercedes Brabus W124 (first time again!). You can see where this is going.

 photo P1190366.jpg

 photo P1190362.jpg

 photo P1190445.jpg

 photo P1190446.jpg
We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Such beauty!

 photo DSC_0633.jpg
Only lasses may apply.

 photo P1190369.jpg
A little more subdued but still dramatic and very rare. The limited production Z8.

 photo P1190360.jpg

 photo P1190515.jpg

 photo DSC_0645.jpg
Even more subdued and maybe even more rare. Old school Brabus brute. Hrrrrrnnnggghhh!

 photo P1190377.jpg

 photo P1190503.jpg
Joining in the old school Benz brute brigade, this AMG fettled 190E, from a time when AMG operated independently from the factory. Is it me or do these cars look their best in black?

 photo P1190510.jpg
Next to the 190E was a first generation Fiat Panda which on its own is already quite an interesting little car…

 photo P1190442.jpg
…but closer inspection of the Panda’s unusual rear end allows us to discover that it’s no ordinary Panda, but a Panda van!

 photo P1190444.jpg
With numerous event and meet stickers peppered on its rump, looks like the Panda has quite an enthusiast owner too!

 photo P1190508.jpg
Delightfully little Renault 4! No it’s not a 2CV.

 photo P1190372.jpg

 photo P1190371.jpg

 photo P1190407.jpg

 photo P1190491.jpg
There are no lack of Air-cooleds in Japan.

 photo P1190409.jpg
Nestled away in a corner was one of these…Before the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray penned the Rocket.

 photo P1190412.jpg
The LCC Rocket Car. 350kg and 143 hp at 10,500 RPM from a Yamaha bike engine. Absolutely bonkers and only 46 were ever built. Which makes this rarer than the McLaren F1, a-lot cheaper too.

 photo P1190466.jpg

 photo P1190465.jpg

 photo P1190395.jpg

 photo P1190486.jpg

 photo P1190381.jpg

 photo P1190384.jpg

 photo P1190469.jpg

 photo P1190415.jpg

 photo P1190562.jpg

 photo P1190514.jpg
Japan sure loves lightweight British sports cars as a vast fleet of various makes and models show. The quirkier and more unusual the better.

 photo P1190398.jpg

 photo P1190402.jpg
Non more so than the Morgan 3-wheeler. This little machine was attracting crowds all morning!

 photo P1190553.jpg
The interior inside one of the Caterhams show that these cars are no show queens, they look like they get driven hard! Also take note that these guys are driving these cars in the middle of winter.

 photo P1190414.jpg
Does the original Mini also qualify as a British lightweight?

 photo P1190559.jpg

 photo P1190558.jpg
Rilakkuma inside a Ginetta? Why not? Driven by a lovely lady too! Respect.

 photo P1190403.jpg

 photo P1190468.jpg
Another Ginetta, this time sitting next to a Citroen AX GTi.

 photo P1190569.jpg
And another, sitting alongside a BMW 2002. My admiration for the ’02 was soon interrupted by a very lovely engine note and i headed over to take a look at what just pulled in.

 photo P1190427.jpg
A Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer. (6 tailpipes baby!)

 photo P1190436.jpg

 photo P1190500.jpg

 photo P1190499.jpg
This car is nose bleed quality and just like the Miura, the stuff of dreams. The owner pulled up and happily opened up the car for everyone to take a look. How very kind!

 photo P1190441.jpg
How does one contain his/her excitement at such an event?

 photo P1190418.jpg

 photo P1190417.jpg

 photo P1190390.jpg

 photo P1190388.jpg
My childhood dream, the 308.

 photo P1190423.jpg
Ferraris from the past are just so achingly beautiful in a way the modern machines can never be.

 photo P1190462.jpg
There are some exceptions to that though.

 photo DSC_0643.jpg
And then there’s this, the ASA (ASA Autocostruzioni Società) 1000GT. This car was developed by Giotto Bizzarrini from a Ferrari design and features a 4-cylinder engine designed by Ferrari engineers with bodywork by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone. Very different.

 photo P1190527.jpg

 photo P1190375.jpg

 photo P1190507.jpg
Not a Ferrari but no less Italian. The Lanca Delta Intergrale. Legend.

 photo DSC_0637.jpg
DTM inspired?

 photo P1190379.jpg
Or is the Peugeot 205GTi more your thing?

 photo P1190404.jpg
A more modern interpretation of the Hot hatch as shown by this tuned up Abarth. Looks like something off the TAS showfloors.

 photo P1190471.jpg
Amazingly clean and again, achingly beautiful restored Alfa Giulietta Spider.

 photo P1190474.jpg

 photo P1190475.jpg
Much heart.

 photo P1190545.jpg

 photo P1190548.jpg
Another lovely Alfa drop-top. This time a Spider.

 photo P1190476.jpg

 photo P1190480.jpg

 photo P1190421.jpg

 photo P1190478.jpg

 photo P1190419.jpg
Domestics were of course not forgotten like this sweet looking first generation Toyota Sprinter Trueno.

 photo P1190455.jpg

 photo P1190457.jpg

 photo P1190460.jpg
Hakosuka values are on the up and are so out of reach now. Sigh…

 photo P1190454.jpg

 photo P1190531.jpg
First generation Honda Accord. Amazing how much it has ballooned today.

 photo P1190540.jpg

 photo P1190533.jpg
Gotta love a Sunny truck. I’d really be happy to have one.

 photo P1190483.jpg

 photo P1190581.jpg
What’d i say about quirky and unusual?

 photo P1190450.jpg

 photo P1190578.jpg

 photo P1190580.jpg
The last time i saw one of these was many many many years ago at a Motorshow stand. That morning, i counted at least 3. Kudos to one of them for running windscreen-less. Hardcore.

 photo DSC_0639.jpg

 photo P1190495.jpg

 photo P1190493.jpg
My ideal garage duo sitting right here.

 photo P1190542.jpg
Last of the NA M3s and with a V8, not a bad way to go.

 photo P1190550.jpg

 photo P1190567.jpg
Best looking SL ever? Sure think so. Keep it classy!

 photo P1190482.jpg
Which would you take up and down the touge?

 photo P1190570.jpg
As you can see, the atmosphere was lovely, people were happy and everyone was friendly regardless of marque allegiances. (And yes it was cold too!)

 photo P1190574.jpg
Jaaaaag E-type

 photo P1190575.jpg

 photo P1190586.jpg
It had one of the most amaze-balls paint jobs I’ve ever seen.

 photo P1190431.jpg
Cars were still coming in even when the meet seemed to be towards the end and i just had to grab a couple more shots before my camera’s batteries were fully drained.

 photo P1190453.jpg
Same marque, different applications.

 photo DSC_0857.jpg
As the meet came to a close and cars started leaving, it was time to head into the main building and straight to the cool section. If you ever find yourself in Tokyo and a Daikanyama Tsite Morning Cruise is happening, i really can’t think of a better way to start your day than taking an early morning train down.

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