Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 9-The fast and the curious

Of course by no means are these the least interesting cars on show but rather, i thought it made sense to compile the last few of my Tokyo Auto Salon automotive images into this final TAS vehicular post. Take it as a small gallery of bonus images if you will.

 photo DSC09408.jpg
I have no idea how much power this is pushing out but i reckon this is one Prius you wouldn’t want to take on at the lights.

 photo DSC08131.jpg
Impul showcased a rather tasty fleet of tweeked Nissans.

 photo DSC08130.jpg
Infiniti Q50 (Nissan V37 Skyline) looked especially good.

 photo DSC08124.jpg
An earlier Skyline also decked out in Impul goodies.

 photo DSC08148.jpg
Impul also makes bits for those with smaller autos.

 photo DSC_0491.jpg
Pictures of these are all over the interweb but seeing one in real life was still quite the treat.

 photo DSC_0509.jpg

 photo DSC_0507.jpg
It looks really really good and if the previous Roadster did nothing to stir your senses, this one just might.

 photo DSC09392.jpg
A rather handsome car straight from the factory, the new Mazda Atenza (6) was quite a popular base car for various aesthetic treatments.

 photo DSC09401.jpg

 photo DSC09527.jpg
One of the best looking wagons on sale now? I sure think so.

 photo DSC09559.jpg

 photo DSC09555.jpg
RE Amemiya also had an Atenza on show, of course with a more function over form approach.

 photo DSC09581.jpg
Blitz’s Mazda Demio (2) also sported a more sporty look and worked perfectly with those Enkei Mesh wheels.

 photo DSC09592.jpg
On the same stand, Blitz also participated in the Copen styling exercise with their rendition of Daihatsu’s latest compact roadster.

 photo DSC09587.jpg
 photo DSC09594.jpg
Works for me! Although the recently announced pricetag in Singapore for this car is all kinds of stupid. (About USD$82,000 if you’re interested)

 photo DSC09261.jpg

 photo DSC09268.jpg
For a little less money but still no chump change, punters can have one of these baller Gran Turismo rigs in their home.

 photo DSC08825.jpg
Funky car, funky boot.

 photo DSC08808.jpg

 photo DSC08802.jpg
Speaking of boots, there were MANY MANY seriously insane audio builds on show.

 photo P1180993.jpg
I know this was previously featured but i didn’t show you the interior…

 photo P1180994.jpg
…check that out. The next time anyone says your car is girly, point them in the direction of this Majesta.

 photo P1180982.jpg
Not many Itashas this year.

 photo DSC08074.jpg

 photo DSC08226.jpg

 photo DSC08529.jpg
Even though most of the cars were “dope”, there were of course some questionable choices made.

 photo DSC08069.jpg
Going along with the theme.

 photo DSC09208.jpg
Here’s one way to stand out, bring along an old vintage Mini Clubman woody.

 photo DSC09212.jpg
Complete with mandatory picnic gear. You wonder why Mini never revisited this form of expression on their latest cars. Would have at least made for some interesting merchandise.

 photo P1180830.jpg

 photo P1180827.jpg
Honda also not forgetting their heritage.

 photo DSC08823.jpg
And with that, here’s a preview of our next (and final) TAS post! Thanks for staying with me so far!


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