Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 8-Honorable Mentions

With so many cars and booths in the Tokyo Auto Salon, it does get quite difficult to single out favorites when pretty much every build on show is worthy of its own feature. But of course with just a couple of days to walk through the halls, it’s pretty much impossible to take a look at each and every car, especially if you’re there as a casual lone visitor.

 photo DSC08643.jpg
I’ve previously written on some of the more interesting cars of the show on my previous post but here’s a slightly shorter post on some other cars that i thought were worth taking a slightly longer look at, hopefully you’ll like them too.

 photo DSC08645.jpg
One of my favorites of the show was Takero’s Autech Stagea. I’ve always been a fan of Nissan’s speed wagon and in widebody form with a built up RB engine sitting inside, moves it up another notch on the “i really want one” chart.

 photo DSC08596.jpg
Takero’s booth was somewhat tight so getting in a nice shot of the Stagea was somewhat tough.

 photo DSC09133.jpg
This R31 from R31 house also stunned many in their tracks.

 photo DSC09135.jpg
 photo DSC09140.jpg
While previously most Skyline aficionados have given the R31 generation a miss, these Hachimaru heros are not making a comeback and sadly for me, prices for decent used ones are slowly creeping up as a result.

 photo DSC09129.jpg
R31 house also brought along a stock and fully restored original full of boxy turbo goodness.

 photo DSC09584.jpg
I do like what Blitz has done to the rear end of this V-series Skyline.

 photo DSC08124.jpg

 photo DSC08131.jpg
Impul also did some lovely work to the big Nissan Sedans. The Infiniti looking super tasty.

 photo DSC08223.jpg
I know these are somewhat not in keeping with the cars i usually write or post about but i really love these chunky Land Cruisers. They just look so fun to roll around in. (Plus they’re indestructible)

 photo DSC09220.jpg
Slightly beefed up pair from Flex looking really good.

 photo DSC09166.jpg
 photo DSC09227.jpg
My Land Cruiser of choice would be a double cab pickup.


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