Cars & Kopi – Labour Day Meet/Let’s not Labour!

Time once again for our Cars & Kopi meet! This time over the Labour Day long weekend. It was a rather nice breezy early morning but the lightning flashes in the distance did start to worry me. Alas rain or shine, the show has to go on. And what a turn out we had in spite of the storm clouds looming over the horizon. Some of the early birds grabbing prime parking spots. Love that GT3RS grey. Gotta find me the paint code one day. The best iteration of the 360 ever? Interestingly, even though it received quite a bit of flak over its styling when launched, i think it has aged better than the slightly fussier looking 430 that replaced it. Or maybe just the Challenge Stradale version. Racing pedigree Scooby S204 photobomb An early Bella Soon, the President arrived. Was a nice cool morning for a Roadster. Rotary Power Friends set up a GoPro on top of the litte ‘Dat to do a time lapse video Progression? 3 generations of 3s. E30… …E36… Skip 2 generations later… and full circle back to the number 30 with the F30-series 3’er. Nicely decked out with some choice M-Performance bits. Big Blue M-Power Another drop top Z4 M Coupe Then there were 2… …And a Super 7! This then showed up to give the little 7 some extra British power. Lovely CF louvres Plenty of JDMs also turned up for some brekkie I lusted over these back when i was in school. Still looking very Street-Fighter-ish Back then, each of these were sold with a long haired blonde Ah-lian in your passenger seat. Tasty BBS LMs on this Mazda 6 MPS Interesting kit on a Mazda Protege (Edit: Kit is from Roush!). Ham radio inside. Gazillion $ value 964 (They all cost a gazillion $ now) A slightly (very slightly) more affordable way into the air-cooled lifestyle. Probably just as addictive. Love the look of those wheels. The Italians then quickly turned up the heat with a fleet of Alfa 105s coming in. Beautiful. Hrrrrrngh… Shapely pert butts You wish manufacturers still designed (not so exotically priced) cars with such flair. I think the last Alfa penned with such grace that didn’t come with a matching big price tag would have to be the GT Coupe. Hearing a lovely engine note after taking that last shot of the, i turned around and saw this coming in. Insert Ferris Bueller “Bow Wow” music here. Oh yea…. Bow Wow… Unfortunately the Dino high-tailed it out of Dempsey the moment the clouds unleashed their torrent of raindrops so i couldn’t get more shots in. Sadness. 😦 1 of 1 in Singapore. The rain then got heavier and heavier and soon became a downpour. The things we do to protect our cars from the rain. I retreated back into the Cafe for some breakfast as we waiting out the rain. As it started to clear, we went out and started mingling about once more. Big props to the Alfa gang for braving the rain. I thought they would be the amongst the first to run off, i was so very wrong. Lovely, just lovely. A lineup we won’t see very often. Speaking of the GT Coupe earlier, here’s the big balls version. 3.2 Busso V6 inside. Another 3.2 Busso V6. 147GTA. Everybody loves an Alfa wagon. Clean swoopy side profile. One of the best looking wagons? I sure think so. Relatively attainable too! Q4 159 Adding to the list of Italians is this Fiat Coupe. Not many are left locally. Flame surfacing before it became a “thing”. Sitting right beside the Fiat Coupe was another Rotary. Sweet wheels. Kanjo style Civic in battleship grey. There used to be quite a number of these Preludes around, now there remains only a handful. This one sitting tastefully on Rotas. (Yes yes i know i know…) Another Prelude showed up! Best car for the wet roads… Frosty STI? …or Panda? Little mini and once more, the Honda Prelude we saw earlier. British icons. MGB GTs. Different styles. Stock classic or… a slightly battered racing vibe? Loving the bumperless vintage racer look. More support for the Brits with an AMV8. But as always, German firepower is never too far away. But it was quite hard to top the Italians when there was this Fiery redhead. Lovely curves. Much more elegant than anything from Lamborghini nowadays no? I like this bit. No questions about it, this round of Cars & Kopi went straight to the Italian contingent. finishing off, an honorable mention goes to this old girl who stole my heart and brought back so many childhood memories. I will need to find myself one of these one day. Hopefully their prices won’t shoot through the roof like many other classics. Bonus pictures Until next time, signing off from Cars & Kopi!


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