Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 7-Custom Culture

Continuing our coverage on the cars of this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon is a collection of interesting customs we encountered during out visit.

 photo P1180929.jpg
As shown on the opening pic, this is Takuto-san’s one-of-a-kind Toyota bB.

 photo P1180937.jpg
 photo P1180939.jpg
When slammed, stanced and rusted out just ain’t enough, it’s time to break out the concrete! Yes this car has concrete grafted on. Probably not good for the fuel economy but it sure does look crazy. Made even more madmax-ish with that one-eye-jack projector headlamp.

 photo P1180927.jpg
Speaking of custom, engineering students from NATS took an old Suzuki Mighty Boy and made an E30 M3 out of it.

 photo P1190079.jpg
 photo P1190077.jpg
A strangely named tuning outfit, Ducks Garden, also had a couple of Kei customs on show with some Porsche inspired aesthetics. The Copen 356 definitely carrying off the look better.

 photo DSC09385.jpg
 photo DSC09389.jpg
On the topic of Copen’s this is one custom that is so brilliant (at least in my mind), that you’d wonder why Daihatsu never considered producing. A Shooting Brake Copen from Esqueleto Style.

 photo DSC09381.jpg
How cool is that? Make it a Targa roof and it’ll be perfect!

 photo DSC09380.jpg
 photo DSC09377.jpg
Esqueleto also took part in dressing up the new Copen.

 photo DSC08550.jpg
It literally doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

 photo DSC08552.jpg
 photo DSC08554.jpg
 photo DSC08553.jpg
I’m not really sure what to make of it but hey, different strokes for different folks! Gotta give them points for originality!

 photo DSC08730.jpg

 photo DSC08870.jpg
 photo DSC09080.jpg
Craziest Fit i’ve ever seen.

 photo DSC09414.jpg
A Pink Benz, how cute! Or is it really???

 photo DSC09421.jpg
Still seems nothing out of the ordinary other than the eye-burning color. The side profile does seem a little different. Go around the back and…

 photo DSC09412.jpg
What??? SLK2000???

 photo DSC09547.jpg
 photo DSC09542.jpg
We’ve seen plenty of stanced and slammed cars on the show floor but B-Dash brings things up a slight notch with custom front wings that accentuate the dropped ride height by bringing up the wheel arches way up. Lovely detailing on the bodywork.

 photo P1180877.jpg
 photo DSC08095.jpg
There were plenty of Vanning builds as well but personally i’m not really into vans so i didn’t take that many pictures of em. (sorry)

 photo P1190065.jpg
 photo DSC09027.jpg
 photo DSC09032.jpg
These lifted trucks tho, were totally badass. Love em, however unpractical they may be!

 photo DSC09411.jpg
Just checking out them wheel arches, nothing to see here…

 photo DSC09423.jpg
For the next few days, i was.

 photo DSC08570.jpg
 photo DSC08564.jpg
No no no no no no no no no…

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